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Website video for local textile artists and classes

Meet Liz Kettle and Ruth Chandler of the Thread Lab in Cottonwood Center for the Arts, downtown Colorado Springs.

The Thread Lab is a great place to take classes, request special classes and shop for specialty threads and other equipment that you can’t find in every little shop.


Another great video after your introductory, best-face-forward video is a brand back-story or a little piece of behind-the-scenes.  When you visit the Thread Lab, you’ll undoubtedly be introduced to the Frog Princess.  Who is she, you may ask?  Click the video below to find out.

Meet the Frog Princess!

No matter the nature of your small business,  website video is a GREAT way to get your potential client’s attention and get them engaged.  You can use and reuse your short videos on your website to answer FAQs, on social media to interact with your potential clients and in ads to engage new people and get their interest.


Check out Video Espresso to find out more of how you can get your own number of professionally captured and edited videos each month for your website and social media!

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Carm is so much fun.  Watch any of her first videos and you’ll hear her heart on the matter of YOU and her business, Healing Touch Loving Care.  Carm and I captured her first Video Espresso videos recently, and also her business headshots.

While Carm was telling me how Healing Touch therapy works to help people going through cancer treatment, I was pretty much in tears hearing her heart to help these people.  Especially when she told me the story of one of her clients when he was dealing with cancer.  I so enjoy hearing how much she loves her clients and helping them.  She couldn’t be in a better business!

Here are her four videos she captured also that day;  one is her introduction to herself and the others talk more about her Healing Touch work with cancer patients.

If you’d like to know more about short website video for your site, please check it out here!







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I so enjoyed having Kevin in studio to capture new headshots celebrating his new promotion at work!  He said he wasn’t much of a smiler, and had a horrible camera smile.  (Thoughts of Chandler’s camera smile came to mind (TV show, Friends.))

As you can see for yourself, he was GREAT in front of the camera.  We captured a variety of looks from friendly to what I affectionately termed “Mr. Business Man.”

Here is my favorite from the session;  whatcha think?


Want headshots for yourself?  Find out more here:

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Need just a single business headshot?  We got you covered!

Got a call from a business friend saying they had just signed up for a local advertising magazine and needed a single image of him, his wife and their dog.  Was a single image too small?  Not at all!

Having a headshot studio in Cottonwood Center for the Arts in downtown Colorado Springs is a lovely thing;  I am set up for small sessions like a single headshot and also the 60-90 minute actor portrait sessions.

After setting up and posing the humans, I turned on my doggy-loving charm and got these lovely people at Peak Services their great portrait, and Dudley, the little fur man, did just fine!




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Four great reasons to put video on your business website!

In our over saturated marketing society, how does a business stand out of the crowd?  Putting video on your business website is one way.  When your potential client finds your website and you have some informational or introduction videos on your home page, they’ll most likely get seen and thus a couple of great things will happen for you.


  1. You will save time and close the sales cycle faster.  Your videos should educate the client about who you are, what you do and what makes you different from the rest.
  2. Video is much more easily digested than words alone.  A quick 30-60 second video can get your message across and leave them wanting more.
  3. Video is like a virtual hug.  If you want your clients to fall in love with you, send them a video.  They feel like they’ve already met you and you’ll be higher up on the know, like, trust factor and be remembered.
  4. Tell them the plan.  Relieve your client’s apprehension by laying out the basics of what is going to happen or how things flow in business.  They have loads of questions; you’ve heard them all.  Give them some answers ahead of time and watch your client be happier and sales close quickly!

If you’re interested in getting some video on your website but maybe don’t know where to start or afraid of huge video production costs, give me a call.  My specialty are local businesses whose marketing budgets are under $1,000.

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