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Chris Gosnell

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Speaker Demo Reel, Speaker Sizzle Reel

Speaker sizzle reel.  Speaker demo reel.  Whatever you call it, you need professionally captured film of your awesomeness in action to get more speaking gigs.  Simple as that.  While it’s easy to put your iPhone on a tripod, or even your fancy camera, it’s not usually the highest quality to show the world who you are.  Luckily, there is help for that!

Speaker Sizzle Reel

Speaker Sizzle Reels are long commercials selling the amazing product of YOU!  A speaker sizzle reel has footage from different events, testimonials (whether written or video,) and video of you in studio.  As in this video from Natalie Gowen of Moxie Tonic Marketing, we used film from a few different events to show variety, but also to round out her message.Where to start with a speaker sizzle reel?
  1. A few paragraphs that will give the listener the main points of your presentation.  Think of your speaker sizzle reel as a small presentation of itself, with an introduction, beginning, middle, end and call to action.
  2. Find clips from speaking events (or have it filmed) that fit in the plan from step 1.
  3. Film yourself in studio (great lighting, audio, cameras) and fill in the blanks.  You may not have all the footage you need to say what you’d like from step 1.  That’s where filming in studio will help!  Introduce yourself, talk about your passion, your mission, and fill in the missing pieces of your speaker sizzle reel.
  4. Finish off with a call to action.  This can be as simple as Natalie’s “contact us to bring Natalie to your next event.” with logo and website.

Social Media Pieces

Everyone can use a few more video pieces for social media, am I right?  Let’s edit your film in to 60 second or less sound bites that catch the viewer’s attention and get them to want to know more.  Pieces of your presentation edited in to social media pieces is a GREAT way to stay top of mind and educate your ideal clients on your presentation.Social media pieces either of your presentation or like this testimony video, supplementary video is a wonderful way to stay top of mind while educating your ideal clients of who you are, what you do and your primary message.Filming client testimonial videos can be done at the presentation event location afterward, which makes for a lovely, energetic background.  Use these for social media, or put them in your speaker sizzle reel!
Here’s another wonderful speaker sizzle reel from Hollie Clere, the Social Media Advisor

Pricing for video production, speaker demo reel or speaker sizzle reel

For presentations under 45 minutes in Colorado Springs

Video capture and production of whole presentation


Includes:  two camera angles (one wide angle, one closer,) and audio capture.  Film produced and given to client as a whole piece, from beginning to end.  Your logo and contact info included in front and end.

Speaker Sizzle Reel produced


Add on from video capture and production, this speaker’s reel includes
  • Clips from other events you have
  • Clips from events I’ve filmed
  • Photos
  • Testimonials whether in text or video
  • Up to half an hour in studio to capture additional footage
  • Your logo animation at beginning and end

Social Media Pieces


Add on from video capture and production.  This includes:
  • 60 second pieces pulled from presentation captured
  • Edited with your logo animation

Thinking bigger, or longer than a 45 minute presentation?  Let’s talk!

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