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Chris Gosnell

Chris Gosnell

Photographer, Videographer, Owner

Joe’s Business Headshots: Colorado Springs


Joe’s manager gave me a call the other day;  said she wanted to give him a gift along with his promotion and I personally thought she was on a brilliance streak deciding to invest in some great business headshots.

He came in saying he was a bit camera shy, but I assured him it wouldn’t matter.  I have a way of getting folks loosened up and showing their best self;  their real self when capturing business headshots.  We spent a bit of time in wardrobe change so he would have a good change between business, business casual and casual.

When doing business headshots this way, you have a great deal of flexibility to change out your social media profile photos on a regular basis.  In my book, the only thing more horrible than an old, doesn’t-look-like-you profile photo is the same. boring. photo. for year after year.

I really enjoyed having Joe in the studio and capturing his business and casual headshots.  There’s such a great variety of images that he can use them for a while until he gets the itch to have new headshots taken.



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