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3 Ways to use video in your business that you may not have thought of!

3 ways to use video in your business that you may not have thought of, AND three topics to make videos on that will be of great value to your clients, inquiries and new leads.

Hello. Good morning, afternoon. Good evening. Sound like the Truman show, whatever. Hey, I’m Chris Gosnell.

I was having a conversation yesterday with a lady from my BNI chapter. She’s works from the law office.

But first off, welcome to my studio. Sorry. Still got the gray card here on the side.

We were talking about video and she was asking, “How can I make video work for this business in a law office?” And I said, “Here’s some ideas.” All right, you ready for them? Keep up. This is going to be fast. Okay. First off I said, “What is the top frequently asked question that you’re asked?” Should I go to the doctor? Okay. So if they’re a personal injury attorney, so should I go to the doctor?

I said, “Okay, good. How about the top SAQ question that should be asked.” I got that. Mm-hmm (affirmative). I did not come up with that. I did not. So they said, “By all means the information that someone should know, but they don’t, they don’t ask these questions, but they should is don’t talk to people, the insurance company, if you’re represented. You should be asking about that. Like, can I talk to these people? Should I talk to them? No.” Okay.

And then the top tip, assume everything is being recorded. So if you say something completely benign, like “I was outside gardening the other day,” and someone else can take that and go, oh, well they were doing heavy duty gardening and they’re not really injured. Instead, to you gardening was you were out in the yard and you were watering and that type of thing. So just assume everything’s being recorded.

So she gives me these three ideas. One frequently asked question, one question that their clients should be asking, but they’re not, and then a top tip, one thing that your clients should know. And then I said, “All right, here’s three ways that you’re going to use those videos: make a video about each one, one in long format, three to five minutes, where you go over all the details of that and you really talk about it. Put that on your website. Put a transcript, at the very least have keywords, lots of things. This is the long game.

From there on your website, it falls under frequently asked questions. It falls under your blog. The words that’s on there are going to be used by web crawlers. I know it sounds creepy, but web crawlers. And more people that ask these questions, the more that information keeps coming around and, boom, you win the lottery. You get picked on Google to answer that question. It’s a good thing.

Two, short format, 60 to 90 seconds, you make a short post and you put it on social media. What that’s doing is educating the people who already know about you. Maybe this is a networking group, like our BNI chapter. They’re hearing you, seeing you, getting to know you, being educated. So when they do need your service, they’re going to know that quicker, hey, Kathy, and they’re going to be able to answer some of those questions already. And it’s like, “Oh, well, I already know about this because I learned about it.” And then it’s really easy for them to refer to you or to use your services because they’re already educated. Really cool things to do like that.

Another idea you might not have thought of is onboarding. So this particular client as law office and someone inquires, they can send these three videos out to them. “Hey, here’s a little bit of information about us. We’d love to set up an opportunity to talk. In the meantime, here’s three videos that you might find helpful.” What a great way to introduce yourself to a client, give them value before even the first transaction happens.

So there’s three ways to use video for your business. One, put it on your website, a long format video with lots of key words and all kinds of good questions that people would ask to get the information you’re giving. It’s frequently asked questions, lives on your blog. That’s the long game. That’s how you get new clients from Google. Two, short format. Social media, 60 to 90 seconds, quick to the point. Then onboarding. So you can send those same videos to clients that are new clients, potential clients, leads, and let them be introduced to you and give them value.

I hope this helped. Let me know what you think about that down below. And if you have other ideas, other questions, let me know.

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