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Chris Gosnell

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So you’re a coach, a speaker, an author, and now you’re thinking about headshots for your social media profiles. What do you with it? Is your profile, you’re this itty-bitty on a big old picture because you want to show yourself on stage versus the idea perhaps of a nice studio headshot where you’re showing a lot of emotion. Remember, people make snap judgments all the time. You do it, too. Everybody does. It’s human nature. So you only have a couple of seconds, a 10th of a second, hundredths of a second to make an awesome, honest first impression.

Chris Gosnell:
So, is your headshot showing who you are? Giving the viewer a sense of who you are and what to expect from you as a speaker? There’s a thought. Because if they’re seeing you and you’re very, Oh, what’s that family Sound of Music and you’re just, “I am awesome. I am looking into the future,” whatever. Okay. Instead, if you are challenging and you’re doing something awesome there, showing that on your face. If you’re lighthearted or you’re really challenging and you’re going to get them going, show that on your face. I’m going to challenge you to get some great headshots that show your personality and shows a bit of what you’re going to offer your client when you’re on stage.

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