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Andy + Heather | Continuing Life Together

Saw this on Facebook this morning:


I had the privilege of photographing Heather and Andy’s wedding in 2012 during sunset at the lovely Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  Sun drenched and with a 360 degree backdrop that was stunning to say the least.

In honor of the forthcoming Baby Martin, here’s a little recap of their gorgeous fall wedding.




Oh, this bride!!  Classic.  Beautiful.  Stunning.




Loved the color pop in the details of this one-of-a-kind birds and bees themed wedding.  Flowers everywhere


I delight in watching the parents of the bride and groom enjoy their children’s wedding day.  So many emotions stored up in a hug, that cannot even come close to being expressed in words.


Stunning.  Just simply radiant.



Now THIS guy is happy to be getting married!  Love seeing a Groom bursting at the seams with joy for his Bride.


The couple opted for a first look, where they get to see each other first and have a moment alone to talk, exchange cards or gifts and just soak in the moment.

A lovely touch, being serenaded by the ceremony’s guitar player.





That’s all for today.  More wedding sun-drenched loveliness to come…and hopefully word on little Baby Martin!



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