Bullet points versus Scripts 🎥

When it comes to jazzing up your business videos, you’ve got two main options: the script or the bullet points. But hey, who wants to be stuck sounding like a robot, right? That’s where bullet points swoop in to save the day like a superhero! Picture this: you’re in front of the camera, ready to […]

Reel Primer

Hello! Welcome to the Reel Primer; everything you’ll need to know to get started with Reels in Instagram!

When is it time to hire a professional videographer?

Do You Need a Pro Videographer?  Are you wondering when to DIY for your video production and when to hire a pro? You are not alone. We all know it can be tricky deciding whether you should take on video production or hire it out. Let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work! But the […]

Make video for a year; what?!

One Year of Content in One Day! How would you like to complete an entire year’s worth of content in one day? That’s exactly what we did when Dr. Roz decided to arrive a day early for her business retreat in Colorado Springs.Dr. Roz concentrates her content on her Patreon page, Debt Free Degree with […]

Why you would love making video with Chris!

I absolutely love working with Julie Miller Davis. She and I have been working together since the very beginning of her business, and we just keep having more and more fun together. This past month, Julie decided to take an online course she already had and upgrade to professional video. She was an absolutely rock […]

3 Ways to use video in your business that you may not have thought of!

3 ways to use video in your business that you may not have thought of, AND three topics to make videos on that will be of great value to your clients, inquiries and new leads. Hello. Good morning, afternoon. Good evening. Sound like the Truman show, whatever. Hey, I’m Chris Gosnell. I was having a […]

Three ways to reuse your ideas on social media

Hey there, Chris Gosnell, Digital Visibility. I want you to be seen, connect with your clients, and be able to serve them so well. Now, how can you do that with your social media? Because you can actually use your social media pieces in so many different ways. Here’s a couple of ways you can […]

Business Headshots in Studio, Colorado Springs, CO

Looking for business headshots in Colorado Springs? Studio business headshots is a great way to get a wonderful headshot hassle-free! We photograph you right and left side facing, because most everyone has a better side. Then, we’ll look at and go through your images together and choose your favorite one. Retouching in available also; you’ll […]

So, you want to make more Youtube videos for your business, eh?

Hey there, Chris Gosnell. Digital visibility expert. I want you and your business to be seen. To you to be able to connect with your clients and then you get the opportunity to serve them. So be seen, connect and serve, have fun. Do what you do. So you want to make more video, YouTube […]

What is a Sizzle Reel?

WHAT IS A SIZZLE REEL?Hey there, it’s Chris Gosnell. Let’s talk about sizzle reels. What is a sizzle reel? I mean it sounds really cool, right? But I mean, what is it? Well first off, it’s a commercial. That’s it. I know kind of disappointing, but it’s a commercial. Could be for a speaker, an […]

How does website video change your user’s experience?

Hello there. I’m Chris Gosnell, digital visibility expert, and I want to talk about video on your website. How does that change the experience for the person who’s coming to your website to check you out? Because you know people might hear about you when it comes to networking. They might just run across you […]

So you’re a coach, a speaker, an author, and now you’re thinking about headshots for your social media profiles. What do you with it? Is your profile, you’re this itty-bitty on a big old picture because you want to show yourself on stage versus the idea perhaps of a nice studio headshot where you’re showing […]

Business headshots in studio or Garden of the Gods?

Should you have your business head shots taken in a studio or just outside with Garden of the Gods in the background and Pikes Peak? Why or why not? Let’s talk about that. All right, so indoor studio, controlled, controlled lighting, right? Outdoors, very harsh lighting. Could be, could be very nice lighting, could be […]

What does your business headshot say about you, Real Estate Agent?

I want to talk to you real estate agents about your business headshots. Specifically, how does it tell your clients or your potential clients how you serve? Now, yeah, we know that your clients are coming to you with a huge purchase. Huge purchase. And a lot of decision making and a lot of interaction. […]