Full Media Kit headshot session.

Our Full media kit headshot session.  When you need more than a head and shoulders profile photo, this is the ticket.   This business headshot session is great for: Corporate headshots Medical office headshots Business headshots Real estate agent headshots Group photos to add or remove people (green screen idea)  

Golf accessories product photography

  Golf accessories product photography So much fun capturing product photography;  you get to play with cool toys and adjust lighting so your client is amazed with what you can do in a little studio!  (White background without blowing out the white object in the foreground?!  Whaaaaat?) Smashfactor golf (https://www.smashfactorgolf.com/)  came to me with a […]

Product demonstration video production

Product demonstration video production with Marla Koupal, your Vitality Mentor@ www.vibrancy.biz I see this woman from across the room.  It’s open networking and she has a group of ladies around her.  I don’t know what they’re talking about in particular, but I hear her laugh and it fills the room!  I just HAVE TO meet […]

Tejae’s art studio website intro video production

Tejae’s art studio website intro video     I’m often asked about website intro video production, specifically ones where the entrepreneur doesn’t want to be the main part of the video production.  This kind of video asks for about 90% or more B roll film.  Video production for home studios like Tejae’s, it’s so nice […]

Success in business by getting your voice heard in authentic video with Chris Gosnell

  Great fun via #BeLive on Tuesday January 23rd at 1p MST with this amazing #VideoPhotoGuru. We will talked about success in business by getting your voice heard in authentic video and your professional brand ready with beautiful headshots! Watch our #BeLive Interview with Chris Gosnell with Chris Gosnell Photographer and Hollie Clere.   I […]

Ideas for (FUN!) office holiday cards

Ideas for (FUN!) office holiday cards!! Tis the season to put together the company Christmas cards!  Here’s some ideas for your office group to get your creativity flowing. 1. The all-season office group photo We can’t start off the list without the standard of all photos;  the group office staff photo.  Often taken inside the business […]

Double Take: Makeup and Headshots

Double Take: Makeup and Headshots Katie Sevenants and Chris Gosnell are partnering up to offer a luxurious experience; a beauty makeup and headshot event! Book your session on Friday, Dec 8th Katie is a SeneGence guru;  you know the wonderful makeup that lasts all day.  No smudging, no creasing, no sweating it off.  Spend time […]

Becky Levine Interview, Arbonne and Valor Box

I had a blast interviewing Becky Levine, entrepreneur with Arbonne and starter of non-profit, Valor Box.  I want to showcase local Colorado Springs businesses and let you all get to know them a bit better.  We talk about their business(es,)  learn what they offer and who they are personally.  Relationship marketing at its best! Belly […]

Transparent, white or traditional background business headshots

Transparent, white or traditional background business headshots No longer is a traditional background enough for your business headshots; either white or completely transparent background business headshots are needed! The white background business headshot is easy to blend in to almost any website or social media, but how do you get that?  Glad you asked!  We […]

Headshots, Beer and Church, OH MY!

Goodness, this past week was busy!  Love the work I’ve been doing lately; more headshots, photographing staff members for Bristol Brewing Co, and making video for a local Church’s Life in the Spirit Seminar.  Here are some of the highlights. This is my second year working with Holy Apostles church to create announcements and web commercials […]

Why hire a professional videographer? A spontaneous testimony

I appreciate this spontaneous testimony from Arlene Moss of Kimberlite Coaching.  She and I were filming her most recent set of website video  in studio when she erupted in to “If I ever ask why I am paying to do these videos, remind me of this moment!”  Then, Arlene began to talk about what she […]

The delicate details

  I really do enjoy photographing artwork;  especially the ones I can pick up and touch.  Arlene Wood’s pieces here I really loved working with.  Brushing the light over the pieces so the tiny details stood out, the texture, kaleidoscope of glaze colors were mesmerizing.   Enjoy the details, friends.  Spend a couple of minutes […]

Photographing local artists’ paintings

  With my studio in Cottonwood Center for the Arts, I have the joy of working around many talented and awe-inspiring artists.  Often, I’m asked to photograph their work for not only documentary’s sake but also to replicate their work on cards and other prints. It’s a blast working with these artists; catching up with […]

Product photography with Betsy Crow

I am blessed each day that I get to wake up and press the shutter to make a living.  Then, there are days, like today, when I get to spend time with Betsy Crow (www.elizabethwcrow.com) and photograph her stunning custom jewelry!!  Betsy is an artist at Cottonwood Center for the Arts; with a talent for […]

Meet Halsa Naturopathic Medicine!

https://vimeo.com/188458271   Ever wonder how naturopathic medicine works?  Meet Drs Karly Powell and Brita Mutti, of Halsa Naturopathic, and learn a bit more from this business video of how they work and what wonderful things that means for you and your health. Tired of conventional medicine and taking endless amount of pills?  Wonder what difference […]