2 minute intro video: Seeds Cafe, Colorado Springs

I created this light-hearted introductory video of Chef Lyn at his Seeds Cafe for the Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership, which they showed at the Mayor’s breakfast recently.  Loved meeting all these lovely people at Seeds and hearing the heart of its creator.

Senior portraits, class of 2017

I am not often asked to take senior portraits since my main client is the Colorado Springs small business owner or solopreneur.   It’s nice every once in a while to take a bit of a mind break from business, headshots and video to dabble in other artistic expressions. Here are some of the more […]

Filming in studio: Behind the Scenes

What’s it like to film in studio with me?  Here’s a behind the scenes look! Business Coach to Financial Advisors, Arlene Moss of Kimberlite Coaching bravely let me film one of her video sessions with my little iPhone. (my other cameras were in use, so don’t critique!)   It’s a little long in comparison to what […]

The Real McCoy

  Alrighty.  I am a power-packed blonde who grew up as a teen in the 80’s and wished my hair would do the Farrah Fawcett feather.  Lord knows I used enough Aqua Net that would make Trump look like an amateur, but still, no great 80’s hair.  Didn’t stop me from trying, though! Today, I […]

Business Coaching Website Videos

Business coaching website videos.  How do you, as a business coach, explain certain things without giving away the farm?  With short videos, of course, that whet the appetite and get your potential clients wanting to click for more. More could be more videos, more information or more of whatever it is they saw first.  Something […]

Natural smiles in business headshots colorado springs

Natural smiles in business headshots colorado springs

  Natural smiles in business headshots;  is it possible?  It is certainly made much easier with a little helper! NSI Partners, an amazing local marketing company sent their staff in to get headshots for their website recently.  When the owners, a husband and wife team came in, they had their little man in tow.  He […]

Gray background headshots; why not outside?

business headshot gray background colorado springs

  Gray background headshots;  why not outside? I get asked all the time if I have multiple pretty backgrounds, green screen or where I meet outdoors to photograph business headshots.  Simple answer;  I don’t! In my research, I have found that the best looking, most adaptive business headshots have been photographed in studio with a […]

Joe’s Business Headshots: Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Headshots 0

  Joe’s manager gave me a call the other day;  said she wanted to give him a gift along with his promotion and I personally thought she was on a brilliance streak deciding to invest in some great business headshots. He came in saying he was a bit camera shy, but I assured him it […]

Elizabeth W. Crow Jewelry Design website & social media videos

If you haven’t met Betsy Crow yet, you just have to.  Betsy is a hilariously fun lady; she’s a collector and appreciator of all things sacred which shows most in her jewelry designs.  One glance in to her studio at Cottonwood Center for the Arts in downtown Colorado Springs will show you her whimsy and […]

Website video for local textile artists and classes

Website video for local textile artists and classes Meet Liz Kettle and Ruth Chandler of the Thread Lab in Cottonwood Center for the Arts, downtown Colorado Springs. The Thread Lab is a great place to take classes, request special classes and shop for specialty threads and other equipment that you can’t find in every little […]

Carm O’Sullivan: Website video and business headshots

  Carm is so much fun.  Watch any of her first videos and you’ll hear her heart on the matter of YOU and her business, Healing Touch Loving Care.  Carm and I captured her first Video Espresso videos recently, and also her business headshots. While Carm was telling me how Healing Touch therapy works to […]

Kevin’s Business Headshots Colorado Springs

  I so enjoyed having Kevin in studio to capture new headshots celebrating his new promotion at work!  He said he wasn’t much of a smiler, and had a horrible camera smile.  (Thoughts of Chandler’s camera smile came to mind (TV show, Friends.)) As you can see for yourself, he was GREAT in front of […]

Need just a single business headshot? We got you covered!

Need just a single business headshot?  We got you covered! Got a call from a business friend saying they had just signed up for a local advertising magazine and needed a single image of him, his wife and their dog.  Was a single image too small?  Not at all! Having a headshot studio in Cottonwood […]

Four reasons to put video on your business website

  Four great reasons to put video on your business website! In our over saturated marketing society, how does a business stand out of the crowd?  Putting video on your business website is one way.  When your potential client finds your website and you have some informational or introduction videos on your home page, they’ll […]

How often should you change your profile picture?

How often should you change your profile picture? That is a great question with a plethora of answers. I’ve read up on this a little bit and there’s a lot of different answers out there; some say once a month but they all say once a week is too much.  The answer that I’m really […]