Chris Gosnell

Chris Gosnell

Photographer, Videographer, Owner

Becky Levine Interview, Arbonne and Valor Box

I had a blast interviewing Becky Levine, entrepreneur with Arbonne and starter of non-profit, Valor Box.  I want to showcase local Colorado Springs businesses and let you all get to know them a bit better.  We talk about their business(es,)  learn what they offer and who they are personally.  Relationship marketing at its best!

Belly up to the bar with Becky and I as we talk about her success in Arbonne, the secret to her success (you’ll be surprised!) and what her #1 product is she recommends.

Next, Becky has done something different than most, by starting a non-profit for our military with Valor Box.  Hearing  her brother in special operations asked for their nutritional supplements before a six month deployment, she felt strongly the need to help our military get what they need with donations from us, the concerned and supportive public.

Last, I ask rapid fire questions on a more personal nature, since I love to know the person behind the business, not just the biz itself.  Enjoy learning about her hidden talents, and a few other fun things.

When you’re done watching, give Becky a call and schedule a one to one with her personally, Colorado Springs peeps, and get to know what she and her business can offer and how they  can support you.



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