Should you have your business head shots taken in a studio or just outside with Garden of the Gods in the background and Pikes Peak? Why or why not?

Let’s talk about that. All right, so indoor studio, controlled, controlled lighting, right? Outdoors, very harsh lighting. Could be, could be very nice lighting, could be overcast. If it’s overcast, you might not be able to see the mountains. Come on, we know Colorado, right? I mean, how bipolar is this weather around here? It could be sunny one moment and an hour later be raining, an hour later be snowing, an hour later be sunny again, but colder than you know what to do with. And then all the time it can be windy like crazy, so your hair is just like blah, all over the place. Okay.

In the studio, doesn’t matter. It’s all nice. I swear, birds are chirping and it’s happy in here. It’s beautiful weather, always, in the studio. You have great lighting, it’s controlled environment. If it’s hot outside, you might get sweaty. Me, I’m going to get red, definitely red, start sweating. It’s just not a pretty sight. If we’re outdoors, it’s just horrible. If it’s snowing, okay, all those skinny little people, they’re cold to their core. It’ll take them till June to thaw out.

Now here’s a thought. If you were determined to have Pikes Peak in the background, or Garden of the Gods, come get a studio headshot, get the background knocked out, you can put Pikes Peak back there. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely. And you have the best of both worlds, if you so choose it.

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I want to talk to you real estate agents about your business headshots. Specifically, how does it tell your clients or your potential clients how you serve? Now, yeah, we know that your clients are coming to you with a huge purchase. Huge purchase. And a lot of decision making and a lot of interaction. There’s just a lot going on there. So they’re looking at you quickly. They want to see who they’re talking to and who they’re going to do business with potentially. So they look at your headshot.

What do they see? What are they really looking at? I’m going to tell you right off hand they’re not necessarily looking for the “best dressed” or the least amount wrong with them, the most Photoshopped, the most beautiful. Because they can’t really relate to that. I know, right?

They’re looking for someone who’s like them. Someone who gets them. Them. Because remember this story is about them. It’s not about you. Your headshot, shocker, is not about you. It’s about your client. You relating to your client. First off, be seen. Two, relate to your client. Three, serve.

People are really looking, when they look at portraits for business, they’re looking in a mirror. They’re trying to look in a mirror. They want to look at a mirror and see themselves or someone that they want to be. Okay. I get a lot of people mentioning my hair because it’s pink. I got this little Mohawk going. And I get a lot of people saying, “Wow, I love your hair. I wish I could do that. I wish I was brave enough to do that.”

And of course my response is always like, “Do it! Go for it! Why not?” People want to look at your photos and see, or your portraits, your business headshots, and they want to see themselves. Or they want to see someone they can relate to or someone they want to be like. Now go back to, take that in mind, and go back to the idea of know, like, and trust. Right?

People see someone there that’s trying to, “I’m going to get your approval of the way that I look. I shall be perfect.” That’s not relatable, folk. Come on. It’s not relatable. People are not going to look at that and go, “Oh, that’s totally me. They look perfect. I must do business with them.” They’re thinking, “They look perfect. I can’t relate to that. They’re going to look down on me.” Right?

Remember that you’re there to serve them. So you need to relate to them. You need to show them themselves in a photograph, basically. They’re going to look at you. You want them to look at you and think, “Oh my gosh, this person is so me. This person gets me. Those other people, I don’t know what they’re doing, where they’re from, but they don’t get me. You get me. I’m so calling you.” So headshots, think about it. What does your, real estate agents, what does your business headshot say not only just about you but how you serve your clients?

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Our Full media kit headshot session.  When you need more than a head and shoulders profile photo, this is the ticket.


This business headshot session is great for:

  • Corporate headshots
  • Medical office headshots
  • Business headshots
  • Real estate agent headshots
  • Group photos to add or remove people (green screen idea)


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Golf accessories product photography

So much fun capturing product photography;  you get to play with cool toys and adjust lighting so your client is amazed with what you can do in a little studio!  (White background without blowing out the white object in the foreground?!  Whaaaaat?)

Smashfactor golf (  came to me with a box full of product to capture and some fun mannequin pieces and parts.  (Where else can you have fun like this?!)  The baseball cap holder, we ended up lovingly naming Morehead.

These product photography images are being used on their website now, which you can check out and purchase at

White background product photography is also great for Amazon.  Graphic designers love it for its ease of editing.  Quick turn around both in the studio in capture and finished images to you both in high-res and web-sized.

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