Tejae’s art studio website intro video



I’m often asked about website intro video production, specifically ones where the entrepreneur doesn’t want to be the main part of the video production.  This kind of video asks for about 90% or more B roll film.  Video production for home studios like Tejae’s, it’s so nice to take on this kind of project!  There are so many lovely things to film; there’s no end to the b roll that can be created.

This kind of b roll dependent video production can be made for almost any kind of business, and great if you’re wanting to tell your story visually, versus a lot of scripted words.  This sort of video production is great for those who are still getting used to seeing themselves on video and not quite ready for an in-studio, entrepreneur-focused business video.  We can help you come up with the ideas for your talking points in the video, however few or many.  Then, when we’re capturing video, you’re welcome to read what you have written down, although we fully encourage you to speak from your heart on the subject that you know better than anyone, since you’re the expert in your field.

Once the A roll, or the audio is captured, it’s simply a matter of capturing B roll to support what was said.  These business videos usually follow along with what was said if possible, with visuals that support those mental images and capture the imagination.  Often, B roll video production employs some interesting camera motion, focus pulls and other camera tricks to create beautiful images for your video production.

B roll is traditionally laid over some portions of an interview to lend supporting visuals to the story that’s being told.  This is a great way to give a more complete picture of what’s being said; in this case, seeing the brick and mortar location of either your studio, shop or work space.

Do you have a studio, brick and mortar shop or work space in Colorado and you would love a beautiful B roll video production for your website and social media, give us a call!


Talk soon,


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Great fun via #BeLive on Tuesday January 23rd at 1p MST with this amazing #VideoPhotoGuru. We will talked about success in business by getting your voice heard in authentic video and your professional brand ready with beautiful headshots! Watch our #BeLive Interview with Chris Gosnell with Chris Gosnell Photographer and Hollie Clere.


I had so much fun being interviewed by Hollie Clere!  She is a wonderful host, and I think we had some great topics.  Besides being your authentic self in business video, we talked a little about professional video production here in studio.  Video is so important in today’s social media saturated world; especially in business.  Video production can help you get your voice heard and allow your ideal client to hear from you, start to know you and educate themselves on what you do.  When it’s time to purchase your services or products, they’ll know exactly where to find you and know what they need because YOU educated them!

Are you interested in learning how to make video on your own for your business, using just your smartphone?  I’m working on a program of video lessons that will teach you not just the nuts and bolts (or tripod and microphones) of making video that looks great, but what to say, how to say it and ins and outs of posting, etc.

If all that sounds too much for you, I offer professional video production also.  Feel free to look around the website and see website video in studio and custom video.  Then, let’s talk about packages and what your needs would be for video production.  Do you want to start with one sixty second video intro?  How about three; one intro and two about your products and services?  More?  I have an eight 60 second video package with a planning session included that’ll give you video to content your website and social media pieces that’ll work for a calendar quarter.

Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch.  I look forward to helping you!


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Ideas for (FUN!) office holiday cards!!

Tis the season to put together the company Christmas cards!  Here’s some ideas for your office group to get your creativity flowing.
1. The all-season office group photo
We can’t start off the list without the standard of all photos;  the group office staff photo.  Often taken inside the business or practice, this portrait could show the office staff with the business logo in the background.  If the office setting isn’t all the exciting, these can be done outdoors.  Beware of cold weather and stiff winds.  Use extra hair spray.  😀
*** Extra!!  After the professional smiles portraits are done, have some fun and take some more photos that’ll be remembered!  Throw an arm around each other, wear your fave shades or throw on Santa hats.  Something fun to elicit a smile from the viewer.
2. The Brady Bunch style
This is the fun, individual photos arranged in a collage.  You can look around to each other, as if you were all really in the frame together.  Add in a few folks with their favorite hat, reindeer antler headband, favorite holiday coffee mug or go big and make a funny face.  Often captured on a gray background to make the whole thing match.
You can make these even, like a 3×3 grid or uneven blocking to make it a bit more interesting.
***Extra!  This is a great way for your photographer to get business headshots as well as a photo for the Christmas card!  Double score!
3. Spell out a word or phrase
Each individual holds up a sign to spell out a message like Merry Christmas or a phrase or poem.  This can be done Brady Bunch style, where each person has their own individual image or as a group.
Here are some more ideas of fun company Christmas cards.  Enjoy!
Give us a call to set up your group office photo for your Christmas cards and website!
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Double Take: Makeup and Headshots

Katie Sevenants and Chris Gosnell are partnering up to offer a luxurious experience; a beauty makeup and headshot event!

Book your session on Friday, Dec 8th

Katie is a SeneGence guru;  you know the wonderful makeup that lasts all day.  No smudging, no creasing, no sweating it off.  Spend time in Katie’s chair under her magic hands to enhance your natural beauty before you’re off to the studio for the headshots you’re going to l.o.v.e!


With Chris, you’ll have portraits made with a variety of poses and a change of wardrobe if you choose.  You’ll end with a gallery of finished, edited portraits that you just can’t wait to post all over your website and social media.  By all means, go ahead!  You have full permissions and usage for anything your heart desires;  prints, online sharing, etc.




Bring your personality and let it show!  Headshots like these are GREAT for your website and social media to get that second look and get folks to stop scrolling.  Second, when you look and feel great in your online portraits, it’s a notable difference to the viewer.  You’ll get more engagement with your potential clients; they feel like they know you a bit already and that goes a long way towards gaining trust and earning their business.


Book your session on Friday, Dec 8th


The Details:

You’ll have 45 minutes in the chair with Katie in makeup and 45 minutes in studio with Chris for portraits.

Katie will do your makeup completely from foundation to finishing touches.  Please come with your hair styled as you would like.

During your headshots, you may change wardrobe as much as you’d like within your allotted time.

We do need to stick within out allotted time, since we are booked back-to-back.  Please arrive early for your appointment.

All finished, edited, color corrected images will be given to you in an online gallery to download.  You’ll receive both high resolution  and web-sized images.

Retouching is $10 per image, billed separately.  Retouching includes removal of stray hairs, blemishes, softening or removing bags under the eyes and upon request, whitening teeth and eyes.  Below are some examples of this retouching.  Very natural, just a little more polished.


How to book:

  1. Click the link below to choose your time frame and pay for your session.
  2. You’ll receive a separate email with  a photography agreement which includes your usage and permissions for the professional images.
  3. Come early for your session and leave a happy camper!

Book your session on Friday, Dec 8th


See you soon!


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I had a blast interviewing Becky Levine, entrepreneur with Arbonne and starter of non-profit, Valor Box.  I want to showcase local Colorado Springs businesses and let you all get to know them a bit better.  We talk about their business(es,)  learn what they offer and who they are personally.  Relationship marketing at its best!

Belly up to the bar with Becky and I as we talk about her success in Arbonne, the secret to her success (you’ll be surprised!) and what her #1 product is she recommends.

Next, Becky has done something different than most, by starting a non-profit for our military with Valor Box.  Hearing  her brother in special operations asked for their nutritional supplements before a six month deployment, she felt strongly the need to help our military get what they need with donations from us, the concerned and supportive public.

Last, I ask rapid fire questions on a more personal nature, since I love to know the person behind the business, not just the biz itself.  Enjoy learning about her hidden talents, and a few other fun things.

When you’re done watching, give Becky a call and schedule a one to one with her personally, Colorado Springs peeps, and get to know what she and her business can offer and how they  can support you.



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