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Bradt Family Portraits

Family means so much to me, even though mine is small and scattered around the country.  Family is made up not just of those who you are kin, but those you adopt in (or those who adopt you in!)

Below is my BFF Tarah’s family, or at least a good portion of them.  We had the Florida crew in to sunny Colorado for Christmas and just had to get the camera out and take some family portraits.

Bradt 2013-1306

Tarah has been knitting hats during the fall in prep for the family’s arrival, so mom thought it great we all wore hats!  Mine, Tarah’s Dad’s and Justin’s are hand-made with love from Tarah!

Bradt 2013-1332

Little men just got to let off some energy!  Even better if everyone’s watching and having fun with them.  😀CS-Family-photos-2


The Men.CS-Family-photos-3


Joel just looooooves his Pawpaw.  Yep, there’s a special bond there, for sure.








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