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Business headshots in studio or Garden of the Gods?

Should you have your business head shots taken in a studio or just outside with Garden of the Gods in the background and Pikes Peak? Why or why not?

Let’s talk about that. All right, so indoor studio, controlled, controlled lighting, right? Outdoors, very harsh lighting. Could be, could be very nice lighting, could be overcast. If it’s overcast, you might not be able to see the mountains. Come on, we know Colorado, right? I mean, how bipolar is this weather around here? It could be sunny one moment and an hour later be raining, an hour later be snowing, an hour later be sunny again, but colder than you know what to do with. And then all the time it can be windy like crazy, so your hair is just like blah, all over the place. Okay.

In the studio, doesn’t matter. It’s all nice. I swear, birds are chirping and it’s happy in here. It’s beautiful weather, always, in the studio. You have great lighting, it’s controlled environment. If it’s hot outside, you might get sweaty. Me, I’m going to get red, definitely red, start sweating. It’s just not a pretty sight. If we’re outdoors, it’s just horrible. If it’s snowing, okay, all those skinny little people, they’re cold to their core. It’ll take them till June to thaw out.

Now here’s a thought. If you were determined to have Pikes Peak in the background, or Garden of the Gods, come get a studio headshot, get the background knocked out, you can put Pikes Peak back there. It’s beautiful. It’s lovely. And you have the best of both worlds, if you so choose it.

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