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Chris Gosnell

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Business video intros: Marla with Vibrancy!

I have come to LOVE working with local Colorado Springs business owners to promote their passion, their skill, their businesses with intro and promo videos.  Below is one such lovely woman I’m proud to introduce you to;  Marla Koupal with Vibrancy!   (

I had the pleasure of learning more about Marla and her work with clients using the LENS (Low Energy Neuro Feedback software) and the Bio Mat.  She’s seen dramatic results with kids, adults and seniors and talks about many of them in these videos.

She and I had a blast filming these intro and promo business videos in her office;  I think we laughed more than we filmed, which only lends to the natural presentation she gave and allows you to see a bit more of what it’s like to work with her.

If you’d like to learn more about business video intros for your website, YouTube channel and Facebook, please contact me.  Many videos are as low as $125!!

Contact me below!

Chris, your amazingly vibrant business intro/promo videographer!

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