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Chris Gosnell

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Carm O’Sullivan: Website video and business headshots


Carm is so much fun.  Watch any of her first videos and you’ll hear her heart on the matter of YOU and her business, Healing Touch Loving Care.  Carm and I captured her first Video Espresso videos recently, and also her business headshots.

While Carm was telling me how Healing Touch therapy works to help people going through cancer treatment, I was pretty much in tears hearing her heart to help these people.  Especially when she told me the story of one of her clients when he was dealing with cancer.  I so enjoy hearing how much she loves her clients and helping them.  She couldn’t be in a better business!

Here are her four videos she captured also that day;  one is her introduction to herself and the others talk more about her Healing Touch work with cancer patients.

If you’d like to know more about short website video for your site, please check it out here!







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