Fall Portrait time is just around the corner!

Fall portrait time is just around the corner! The leaves are beginning to change in beautiful Colorado Springs; soon the air will be crisp, evening coming a little sooner and ALL. THE. COLORS!! I’ll be having fall portrait sessions at Rock Ledge Ranch Saturdays, October 17th and 24th.  Gorgeous colors and our lovely Garden of […]

Mini sessions; what you talkin’ bout, Willis?

Mini sessions; what you talkin’ bout, Willis?  Alright, I’m sure I’m showing my age with that reference, but it’s perfect.  You hear about mini sessions, but what are they, and what’s the big deal? I offer a variety of session styles (more info here) not just small, medium and large but also custom portrait sessions.  […]

The Know, Like, Trust Factor: Business Headshots

  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” as the saying goes, and so it is. Your business card given from a referral, your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook business page post shared from a friend, and of course, your website. These are just a few ways your first impression will happen, […]

If your family photo session was a dog, which breed would it be?

If your family photo session was a dog, which breed would it be?   The Chihuahua Small, cute, and definitely full of personality, the Mini Portrait session is the tiniest of portrait sessions. Chihuahuas love being dressed for the season and Mini Portrait sessions love taking advantage of the weather and beauty all around.  You’ll find […]

Lifestyle family portraits; what is it?

There’s a new trend in professional portraiture; Lifestyle Photography. What are lifestyle family portraits?  It’s definitely a new love of mine. Lifestyle portraits are just that;  showing your lifestyle. Who you are as a family and individuals.  Often photographing a family in their home and neighborhood, it’s so much more than your home and being […]

How to personalize your senior photos

These are the most important portraits before your wedding day!  Your senior portraits should reflect who you are, what your passions are as well as your personal style. “How do I bring my personal style to my senior portraits?”  It’s easy to personalize your senior photos in wardrobe, props and special locations. WARDROBE: You want […]

Natural outdoor business headshots

  Business headshots are so little about perfection, and so much about capturing someone in their natural beauty.  A huge part of putting them at ease in front of the camera is to have them in a place they’re comfortable.   Terza and I (www.theterzafactor.com) thought we were going to have to reschedule due to beautiful […]


  I love fashioning senior portraits around the graduate’s interests.  KC had just gotten his pilot’s license the morning before his senior portrait session.  Absolutely had to show that off!

Portrait tip #2: No Matchy-Matchy!

  Coordinate wardrobe without being matchy-matchy Khakis and polos, right?  Everyone in jeans and a white shirt?  (Oh, I’m so holding back on the “The 90’s called and they want their clothes back” jokes.)  (okay,  maybe not holding back that much.)  The fastest way to timeless photos that won’t go viral for “family photos gone […]

Portrait tip #3: Keep Calm and Feed On

Keep calm and feed on. Keep calm and feed on. Good rule of thumb for everyone in the portrait, whether child, teen or adult.  Everyone gets cranky when their blood sugar gets low.  Coupled with the stress of getting a family dressed, out the door and to the place on time, who wouldn’t feel a […]

Portrait tip #1: Connection, not Perfection

Focus on Connection, not Perfection You know those photographs of people that make you take a double look and then smile?  The ones I’ve seen that get the most attention and “oh my goodness, this is an amazing photo of….” comments on Facebook are ones where the family is smiling and laughing, connecting with each […]

Soulful portrait day: Sunday, March 29th

It’s been said that when you photograph someone in color, you photograph their clothes. But, when you photograph someone in black and white, you photograph their soul. In that celebration, our Soulful portrait day is coming up Sunday, March 29th. Click here to schedule your portrait session! So, what does this look like? Stunning in […]

Little Mr. Emmett

  Little Mr. Emmett.  Oh, my, my, oh my.  My first look at Emmett was straight from a bath and all his baby fine red hair was sticking out in all it’s Einsteinesque glory!  Mama tamed it before we started on portraits though.  Such a wonderful session with the little man.  Mom and Grandma were […]

Jackie + Bryan Maternity Portraits

  We met at Memorial park close to downtown Colorado Springs for Bryan and Jackie’s maternity portraits, walked and enjoyed the lovely afternoon.  Such a beautiful couple, and ready to welcome their first child in to the world.   Bryan is the most proud husband and father.  Jackie is such a beautiful lady; pregnancy has […]

Baby Weston

Oh, those little finger and toes!  The little lips, little yawns;  all so very precious.  This is one of my opportunities to snuggle up with a baby (that’s not furry and not my Dora) and photograph those little adorablenesses.  Enjoy!