Golf accessories product photography

  Golf accessories product photography So much fun capturing product photography;  you get to play with cool toys and adjust lighting so your client is amazed with what you can do in a little studio!  (White background without blowing out the white object in the foreground?!  Whaaaaat?) Smashfactor golf (  came to me with a […]

Product demonstration video production

Product demonstration video production with Marla Koupal, your Vitality Mentor@ I see this woman from across the room.  It’s open networking and she has a group of ladies around her.  I don’t know what they’re talking about in particular, but I hear her laugh and it fills the room!  I just HAVE TO meet […]

The delicate details

  I really do enjoy photographing artwork;  especially the ones I can pick up and touch.  Arlene Wood’s pieces here I really loved working with.  Brushing the light over the pieces so the tiny details stood out, the texture, kaleidoscope of glaze colors were mesmerizing.   Enjoy the details, friends.  Spend a couple of minutes […]

Photographing local artists’ paintings

  With my studio in Cottonwood Center for the Arts, I have the joy of working around many talented and awe-inspiring artists.  Often, I’m asked to photograph their work for not only documentary’s sake but also to replicate their work on cards and other prints. It’s a blast working with these artists; catching up with […]

Product photography with Betsy Crow

I am blessed each day that I get to wake up and press the shutter to make a living.  Then, there are days, like today, when I get to spend time with Betsy Crow ( and photograph her stunning custom jewelry!!  Betsy is an artist at Cottonwood Center for the Arts; with a talent for […]