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Cool Stuff, 1.20.15



Here’s a fun, new something I’m going to make part of my weekly updates;  the Cool Stuff jar.  This is an idea that came from a new business client of mine, Cass Mullane.  You can see her work and this idea in more depth at www.prospercreatively.com.  The big idea as I am using it is to write down great things that happen, big or small, date them and put them in a jar.  Although, I am a visual communicator, I decided to put them on a board and hang it on the wall so I could see it on a regular basis and be encouraged.

You know how it goes when all is well with the world and something negative happens.  It seems to outweigh the ten positive events that happened before.  Well, with this Cool Stuff wall, I’ll be reminded of the gazillions of great things that happen and help keep the few negative things in perspective.

I would love to hear from you and what kinds of cool things have happened lately!






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