Chris Gosnell

Chris Gosnell

Photographer, Videographer, Owner

Custom Video Editing: Zhuzh Your Video!

  • Set up fee:  $99
    • Coaching how to get best from your videos (you’ll learn how to make the best quality video with what you have!)
    • Discuss what you’d like done, how we can best serve you
    • Gather assets; brand colors, fonts, etc.
    • Get logo animation
  • Editing: Basic
    • Logo animation bookends
    • Lower third (your name and company)
    • Custom thumbnail
    • Editing out mess ups, retakes (be clear about what you’d like!)
    • Audio adjustment
    • Color adjustment
  • Additional:
    • Captions or transcript
    • Background music
    • Adding b roll (photos or videos)
    • Titles (words or graphics to emphasize what’s being said)
    • Animations and graphics

Editing starts at $250 for up to 10 minutes raw footage.

Well, alright; let’s hear more! Let’s book a discovery call where we can ask questions of each other and see how we can best serve you.

What’s a Logo Animation, you ask?

Here’s a sample of what logo animations can look like. We’ll put your logo animation at the beginning and end of your video so it’s branded to you, no matter where it’s shared and seen.

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