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Dora’s 4th Birthday


Happy Birthday, Dora!

Tarah saw her first.  This very quiet dog in the same kennel as a Jack Russell Terrier going nuts at who knows what but she was quiet, although engaged, letting him do all the barking.  We had to see her in person.

Waiting in a small room for the future love of our single-girl lives to come along, the door opens and a matted, dirty furball with beautiful brown eyes comes in led on a leash and promptly squats and pees a straight line to me.  This was our first indication that she is a happy piddler (also a nervous piddler, a scared piddler, etc.) but her bright eyes and affectionate nature melted my heart completely.




This is Dora’s ball.  As in “go get the ball!”  and “Bring Mommy the ball!” and a whole lot of grumbly play noises (more from mom than Dora) when we play.   It has stopped lighting up but it’s her favorite toy and she has still yet to break it, no matter how much she gnaws on it.




Meet Henry.  Still a puppy himself, this adorable Westie is Cherish and Joel’s dog (Tarah’s sister and nephew who live 5 minutes away.)  Henry is Dora’s best friend and chew toy.




When they’re not busy running through the house, around the yard and back again, they’re chewing on each other and doggy playing.  You can see who the instigator usually is.  😀


It’s been three years now since we picked up Dora from the local Humane Society where they say she was a year old.  So, we call this her birthday.  Happiest of Birthdays, dearest Dora!  You are a happy thought, for sure.

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