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Filming in studio: Behind the Scenes

What’s it like to film in studio with me?  Here’s a behind the scenes look!

Business Coach to Financial Advisors, Arlene Moss of Kimberlite Coaching bravely let me film one of her video sessions with my little iPhone. (my other cameras were in use, so don’t critique!)   It’s a little long in comparison to what I usually post, but you do see from beginning to end, the unedited time we spend capturing a video.


When this film is finished through editing, it’ll be well under 2 minutes. You’ll never know how many takes it took, never see the flubs, laughter or expletives.

Not everyone is as smooth at delivery as Arlene here, but the ideas are the same.

  1. Do your homework and write out what you’d like to say, either in bullet points or full on.
  2. Take it one bite at a time.  You can always say it again if you don’t like it the first time!
  3. Breathe, and stay calm when you’re talking.  Talking in video needs a little slower cadence than face to face conversation.
  4. Be you!  Your personality needs to come through on video, not perfection.  Perfection is a facade.  People need to meet the real you;  perhaps a little polished, but the real you, none-the-less.
  5. Leave the rest to me.  That’s the beauty of filming in studio with me;  You get to come and talk about your business and leave all the heavy lifting to me!  You get a finished product that is clean, crisp and ready to share with the world.

If you’d like to see more Video Espresso films, click the website video link at the top of the page.  Custom video is available too!


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