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Golf accessories product photography


Golf accessories product photography

So much fun capturing product photography;  you get to play with cool toys and adjust lighting so your client is amazed with what you can do in a little studio!  (White background without blowing out the white object in the foreground?!  Whaaaaat?)

Smashfactor golf (https://www.smashfactorgolf.com/)  came to me with a box full of product to capture and some fun mannequin pieces and parts.  (Where else can you have fun like this?!)  The baseball cap holder, we ended up lovingly naming Morehead.

These product photography images are being used on their website now, which you can check out and purchase at https://www.smashfactorgolf.com/

White background product photography is also great for Amazon.  Graphic designers love it for its ease of editing.  Quick turn around both in the studio in capture and finished images to you both in high-res and web-sized.

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