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Happy Fur-Baby Mother’s Day!

Most of the women my age I know are mothers in the conventional sense;  children with full names and only two legs.  What happens to the women like my BFF Tarah, and myself, who have so much motherly love to give and no mini-me to shower it upon?

We become fur-baby mommies!

Here is a little introduction to the fuzzy joy bucket that is Dora, the Cocker Spaniel/Shih-tzu mix we adopted from the local humane society about four and a half years ago.  Dora, you are an amazing little bubby, and such a loving fur-baby!


Below: Dora sleeps with me (Chris) (ain’t nobody else sleeping with me, so why not!) I often get the divine fur-mommy privilege of waking up Dora with sweet little pets and am rewarded with her turning over and giving me her belly; and this little view of her little black nose, and little black lip.

2015-03-13 08.17.24-1


2015-03-21 11.54.20IMG_2647

Above:  Dora sleeps like a human; head on a pillow and everything.  She even snores a little.  Adorable!

Below:  She loves going for long walks.  Our second favorite (next to the park down the street from the house) is the Palmer Park dog run at the top of the hill where she can run around off leash and smell every. single. thing.

2015-03-27 07.22.45

2015-02-22 12.21.23-1

Above: SnowFace.

Below: Mooooommmmmm….NO!   This is often the response to us wanting to take her picture.

2014-12-20 11.21.55-1

Below:  Dora’s favorite snuggle place;  getting a good belly rub.  😀

2014-12-12 08.32.50

2014-12-12 08.21.08

Above: Dora waiting for us to come home on her back of the couch perch at the living room window.


Happy Fur-Baby Mother’s day to all the other Puppy Mommies out there!!

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