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Chris Gosnell

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Headshots, Beer and Church, OH MY!

Goodness, this past week was busy!  Love the work I’ve been doing lately; more headshots, photographing staff members for Bristol Brewing Co, and making video for a local Church’s Life in the Spirit Seminar.  Here are some of the highlights.

This is my second year working with Holy Apostles church to create announcements and web commercials for their Life in the Spirit seminar they host each year.  This year, we were serenaded by the wonderful worship leader, Cece, while she told us her personal story.

Deacon Chuck told us a bit of his personal story also;  Goodness, I love this man!!  He is so full of zeal!!

Did you know we cover entire staff headshots?  I have done many such things, where I go set up a studio on location and photograph the entire staff.  Love doing these;  it’s a GREAT way to get ID photos and headshots for the crew that all look alike and great quality.   Bristol Brewing Co, at Ivywild hired me to do just that; capture great photos of their crew during a staff meeting.



Headshots, headshots and more headshots!

When you come in to my studio for headshots, I capture you in a variety of poses.  Folks really do have a “better side,” believe it or not.  Turning folks right and left, photographing them from different sides gives a good variety of finished images for the client to choose from.

Often with men, we like to capture a business headshot and then more casual.  Here’s a few from my latest headshot session.  Enjoy!



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