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How often should you change your profile picture?

How often should you change your profile picture? That is a great question with a plethora of answers. I’ve read up on this a little bit and there’s a lot of different answers out there; some say once a month but they all say once a week is too much.  The answer that I’m really happy with is to change it when you have something to say or celebrate.

I’ve not been the best to keep up with this myself I’ll admit. However with the idea of changing it out when you have something to say or celebrate; I can really get behind that. I’ve been guilty of the set it and forget it concept to my Facebook timeline and profile photo. Yes, part of it is that it’s so hard for me to get a good picture of myself and being a photographer I’m really quite picky about that. However, putting purposeful thought towards getting more pictures of myself has paid off.

Use a photograph that stands out, says Nathan Latka, a guru for Facebook business marketers. Bright backgrounds and engaging facial expressions make all the difference.  Smile with your whole face, I say!  Try not to think about “doing it right,” as much as really being present.  I say this in my portraits for families, but it applies to business headshots just as much.  Most people get it wrong by trying to “do it right” or  every-hair-in-place-with-plastic-barbie-smile face.

That just won’t cut it.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Our world now runs on authenticity instead of the model of perfection.  Better to have a so-so cell phone pic with a GREAT, genuine, full-face smile than a perfectly lit, Photoshopped-till-it-looks-like-a-Glamour-Shot wanna be.  (shudder)


Don’t forget your timeline photo on your Facebook business page also!  That’s just big billboard space with free rent waiting to be used.  I like to photograph headshots on studio gray background, shoot some horizontal and leave space on the side for the client to photoshop in some wording.  You can put your logo and the latest update, promo or greeting.  Options are endless.

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