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How on Earth do you Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer?!

Ain’t THAT the million dollar question of almost every bride-to-be out there?

Photographic style:  With words like Photojournalism, traditional, lifestyle, natural light; it’s no wonder one of the first questions you want to ask is “How much do you charge?”  Now, budget is a valid consideration, but shouldn’t be your first deciding factor.  Try these questions out and see if it doesn’t help you narrow the field down a bit when choosing your wedding photographer.

1. What is their personal and photographic style?

Does their photographic style reflect you two as a couple?  Are all your Pinterest photos those beautiful, sun-drenched back lit portraits?  Do the classically lit and posed portraits stop you in your tracks?  Those are two very different photographic styles indeed.  Find the ones that really make you stop and take notice.


sundrenched wedding portrait photo


2. Referrals from friends.

What are your newly married friends’ review on their photographer?  Was it a ho-hum average experience or a huge rave?  Chances are, if your friends give them high praise, you will too.  Were they professional and courteous?  Well prepared?  Were both sides of the family well taken care of?   Did the portrait times flow well?   Did they have prompt response times to emails and phone calls as well as delivery of images?


3. Do you jive?  You’re going to be spending a lot of time together;  the entire wedding day plus.

How are you going to know that from a website?!  Take a look at their about page, their blog and Facebook page.  It’s like meeting someone at a networking event.  Their handshake is firm, smile genuine, eyes bright.  The more you two talk, you’re laughing at the same things, run in the same circles, have the same taste in coffee, wine, etc.  Chances are you’re going to get along just fine.  Having someone like that on your wedding day will only make for a great big day experience and you’ll love the images all that much more.



With those first three factors in play, you’re more likely to find a photographer that you’re really going to love and will be money well spent on your wedding.

4. Budget

Now, I did say budget is a factor.  T’be sure, t’be sure.  (Irish accent applied heavily)  I mean, if your entire wedding budget is $6,000 and your favorite East Coast photographer’s packages starts at 6K, that’s a bit out of your price range.  However, we all know we will pay for what we perceive to be worthwhile.

If you’ve found your favorite photographer, your money is well spent on what you really want, which is not just great images, (that’s a given) but a great all around experience.  before, during and after the wedding day.


Coming soon – What questions to ask your wedding photographer!



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