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Chris Gosnell

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How to personalize your senior photos

These are the most important portraits before your wedding day!  Your senior portraits should reflect who you are, what your passions are as well as your personal style.

“How do I bring my personal style to my senior portraits?”  It’s easy to personalize your senior photos in wardrobe, props and special locations.

WARDROBE: You want to show off two sides of your personality.  The dapper, show-stopping look for the night out and your casual, everyday self.  Guys, you may be Neal Caffrey dapper, or Matt Smith bowties-are-cool; whatever it is, own it!  Ladies, Pull out all the stops – the LBD, heels and awesome hair and make-up.  Maybe your style is cute, light and flirty;  do it up!

When it comes to casual, nothing beats getting in your comfies and chilling out a bit.  Slow things down, take a few breaths and let your light shine, whether it be in the timeless beauty of jeans and a solid shirt and barefoot or Colorado flip-flops or Toms.

An extra level of awesomeness in wardrobe for your senior photos would be a third special outfit that shows your special interests.  Your martial arts uniform and weapons or your football jersey.  Perhaps you’re a dancer; let’s get in your favorite costume and show you off.   Would you rather be on horseback?  Let’s do it!  These senior photos are all about you!

PROPS:  What are you interested in?  We’re not talking cheesy things, but what goes along with your wardrobe and location to showcase your personality and special interests.  Let’s shoot horseback out on a trail, with your boots, hat and favorite shirt.  Skateboarder?  Let’s get out in the skate park and get amazing senior photos.  Gearhead?  Let’s pop the hood and show off your talent.

LOCATION to fit the mood.   Where do you spend, or want to spend your time?  In the rocks and trees, rockclimbing or hiking?  In Heritage Gardens among the flowers, pond and beautiful landscaping?  In your local coffeeshop hanging out with your friends?  Let’s focus our time on the location that makes you feel most at home.

Your senior photos are a reflection of who you are and celebrate the person you’ve become.  Personalizing your senior portrait session makes all the difference.

Give us a call and let’s schedule your amazing senior portraits!


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