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Ideas for (FUN!) office holiday cards

Ideas for (FUN!) office holiday cards!!

Tis the season to put together the company Christmas cards!  Here’s some ideas for your office group to get your creativity flowing.
1. The all-season office group photo
We can’t start off the list without the standard of all photos;  the group office staff photo.  Often taken inside the business or practice, this portrait could show the office staff with the business logo in the background.  If the office setting isn’t all the exciting, these can be done outdoors.  Beware of cold weather and stiff winds.  Use extra hair spray.  😀
*** Extra!!  After the professional smiles portraits are done, have some fun and take some more photos that’ll be remembered!  Throw an arm around each other, wear your fave shades or throw on Santa hats.  Something fun to elicit a smile from the viewer.
2. The Brady Bunch style
This is the fun, individual photos arranged in a collage.  You can look around to each other, as if you were all really in the frame together.  Add in a few folks with their favorite hat, reindeer antler headband, favorite holiday coffee mug or go big and make a funny face.  Often captured on a gray background to make the whole thing match.
You can make these even, like a 3×3 grid or uneven blocking to make it a bit more interesting.
***Extra!  This is a great way for your photographer to get business headshots as well as a photo for the Christmas card!  Double score!
3. Spell out a word or phrase
Each individual holds up a sign to spell out a message like Merry Christmas or a phrase or poem.  This can be done Brady Bunch style, where each person has their own individual image or as a group.
Here are some more ideas of fun company Christmas cards.  Enjoy!
Give us a call to set up your group office photo for your Christmas cards and website!

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