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If your family photo session was a dog, which breed would it be?

If your family photo session was a dog, which breed would it be?


The Chihuahua

Small, cute, and definitely full of personality, the Mini Portrait session is the tiniest of portrait sessions.

Chihuahuas love being dressed for the season and Mini Portrait sessions love taking advantage of the weather and beauty all around.  You’ll find them playing in almost every season, with sunny summer sessions, colorful fall foliage family photos and happy, joyful holiday festivities.

The Mini Portrait sessions are economical companions, as they don’t cost much in time or finances and are a good choice for first-time portrait takers.


The Lab

Labs are full of energy and always happy to see you!  They run to the door and greet you with enthusiasm whether you’ve been gone all day or just walked back in the door to pick up your keys.  The custom portrait session is a great choice to celebrate your latest graduate, new baby or the yearly family portrait.

They are truly man’s best friend and at their happiest when engaged in family activities.  Like labs who aren’t well suited for couch potatoes, the custom portrait session loves families full of activity and life.  Bring your personalities, big and small.  Connect with each other and have fun goofing around and laughing with your nearest and dearest.  We’ll capture it all and give you your favorite, most requested portraits of all time.

Labs are a breeze to train and are very intelligent.  We’ll customize your portrait session to fit your needs and your family’s personality.  We know the best locations in Colorado Springs for family portraits and when the light and weather is best. Have special requests?  Bring it on!


The Great Dane

You may think these larger than life dogs crave the outdoors, but the Dane is a bit of a couch potato.  The Lifestyle Family Portrait session loves hanging out with you in the house, on the couch or playing with the kids on the floor.

Their size may seem intimidating, but the Dane is a lover, not a fighter.  The lifestyle portrait is there to fold right in with the family’s daily lifestyle, capturing your interactions, feeding the toddler, rocking the baby and is friendly and fantastic with kids.

Does your family life center around the kitchen?  The Lifestyle Family Portrait session has a voracious appetite and eats up all the love that flows around the family hub.

The Lifestyle Family portrait session just wants to be your lapdog and thanks to their friendly nature, they want to curl up on the couch with you.


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