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Lemonade is good!

You’ve heard that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I prefer limeaid, but hey, I’m not gonna turn down free lemons!  I forgot lunch.  Made it and left it at home, all neatly packed.   It was good too, chicken and rice.  YUM!  Freshly grilled chicken with a omnomnom spicy soy sauce and scrumptious yellow saffron rice.

No lunch = lunch out = spending money I would rather not.  bummer.

Lightbulb!  Go have lunch with a friend!  Woohoo!

Left wallet in my photo bag, also neatly tucked away at home.  Poo.

Friend treats for lunch!  Woohoo!

Now, I could see the enemy of my soul trying to get me discouraged, upset and freaked out.  Mad at myself for forgetting such big things.  But no.  I took a moment to be thankful, and look around for a silver lining, as-it-were.

Now, I have an unexpected triple blessing!

#1, lunch with friend!!    #2, free lunch today!    #3, another day to take Cara to lunch to pay her back!

Thanking God for wonderful, generous friends and lemons that turn in to opportunities to spend more time with them!  😀

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