Chris Gosnell

Chris Gosnell

Photographer, Videographer, Owner

Lifestyle family portraits; what is it?

There’s a new trend in professional portraiture;

Lifestyle Photography.

What are lifestyle family portraits?  It’s definitely a new love of mine.

Lifestyle portraits are just that;  showing your lifestyle.

Who you are as a family and individuals.  Often

photographing a family in their home and

neighborhood, it’s so much more than your home and

being perfect.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite.  It’s

everyday life.

Think of the moments you spend with your children that are so precious to you.

When they wake up and you get their undivided attention.

Playing with them and seeing them laugh and smile at your silly goofball faces.


Reminescent of the times when family photographs were taken in the front yard, in front of the house and often by the family car.  How many family events were captured in front of the fireplace or a decorated staircase?   This was a normal thing to take portraits in or around the family home;  it told people who you were.  Add a 2015 update to these ideas and you have a lifestyle family portraits.

We invite people to our homes to see our family, but it’s

not about posing  in front of our possessions as much

as enjoying our family connections.  We let the

photographer see us at our everyday; we’re playing

with the kids, baking a cake and giving the dog a

rawhide to chew.

What we receive in return are frozen moments in time;  the smooshy-kissy faces, sleepy babies being absolutely adorable and all the beautiful things you think of when you remember back to this time.  We put a face to it and give you a visual to the memory and share with your friends and family.


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