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Make video for a year; what?!

One Year of Content in One Day! How would you like to complete an entire year’s worth of content in one day? That’s exactly what we did when Dr. Roz decided to arrive a day early for her business retreat in Colorado Springs.
Dr. Roz concentrates her content on her Patreon page, Debt Free Degree with Dr. Roz, where she teaches students and parents how to get a debt-free college degree. It was great to have the time with her to get so much done. We were able to get a lot of footage filmed, and because of our prep work, we didn’t even rush.  Wanna know how we did it? 

What it Looks Like We Did

The short version of what we did for Dr. Roz:

  • Filmed with pro gear, lighting, microphones, etc.
  • Acted as a responsive audience
  • Behaved as a cheerleading director
  • Performed BTS, editing, and production
  • Upload finished pieces to YouTube; ready to go – BOOM done.

Like all great work, there’s a little more to the story. 

The Prep

The first part of any good video session is the prep. To knock out a whole year, let’s start with the following:

  1. Brainstorm.  

Plan out the content strategy and topics for the year. 

  • Start with big topics and chunk them down into smaller pieces.
  • Include things like a monthly book club, retreats, and important subtopics
  • Consider particular chapters in the book, points to be made, etc.

Give yourself some time to brainstorm where you want to go for the year and time to allow ideas to generate. 

  1. Write Out the Plan.

This may seem like a logical next step; however, I’m consistently surprised by the clients who want to wing it. Once you’ve written out the plan, you’ll want to:

  • Revisit the plan 
  • Tweak the plan
  • Review the plan

The plan will keep you on track when filming. Avoid Squirrels! 🐿️

  1. Hire a Pro to Film You

We help with setting the stage.  As a professional videographer, I give valuable visual feedback as you’re talking so that you’re not just talking to a cold camera lens. 
Why is this important? 

  • Stay Focused!  Sometimes brainfarts happen. We’re here to help you pick up where you left off and not get derailed. We help conquer the mind monkeys.
  • Great Gear! Ok, not just great, we have professional equipment. With pro cameras, lighting that is on point, and magnificent microphones, you will look and sound amazing.
  • Efficient and Effective Editing! So that you get your final videos back quickly and you don’t have file upon file of videos to sort through and “get to” eventually. We take care of editing, color correcting, and audio engineering so that you receive the finished product in a timeframe you probably couldn’t commit to DIY. Why? Because you’re busy running your business!
  • BONUS – You’re not staring at yourself.  Although the cameras may feel like the eye of Sauron, it’s easier than looking at yourself on your phone or iPad screen. You do what you do best – share your excellence, and we take care of all the rest. After filming, you go back to being your awesome self. 

The little things create a professional experience and eliminate the stress of doing it yourself.  We’ll get it all done for you in a quick, reliable timeframe.

Client Homework

Although we’d love to, we can’t do it all for our clients. There are a few things, in the end, my clients are responsible for when they come in to film a batch of video content. Dr. Roz is responsible for:

  • Planning what she would talk about (The Prep!)
  • Showing up and talking.
  • Putting the finished pieces to work! Using a social media manager or doing it herself, the client still has to do the work of uploading and sharing the videos.

Once the plan is made, all it takes is follow-through!

What Our Professional Videography Really Did

What we really did for her:

  • Let her teach and be her fabulous self.
  • Redeemed hours every week not needing to plan, prep, film, edit and upload video.
  • Be Consistent in her content for her patrons and social media.
  • Have Content available when she needs it! All she has to do is copy/paste a YouTube link.  

The Final Results

Before Dr. Roz headed out to dinner with friends, we had filmed 44 individual short 5-minute videos. That’s content for her social media and Patreon for a year!   All in all, it was a very successful day, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product on her YouTube channel! You can check her out on her Patreon, Facebook, and of course, YouTube. If you’d like to knock out a year’s worth of video content, let’s connect! I’d love to chat with you to see if we’re a match. Schedule a Call with Me.

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