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Mini sessions; what you talkin’ bout, Willis?

Mini sessions; what you talkin’ bout, Willis?  Alright, I’m sure I’m showing my age with that reference, but it’s perfect.  You hear about mini sessions, but what are they, and what’s the big deal?

I offer a variety of session styles (more info here) not just small, medium and large but also custom portrait sessions.  But today, let’s talk about mini sessions.


Time: Where a typical custom portrait session would be 60-90 minutes, a mini session hovers around 15 minutes in front of the camera.  It’s inexpensive on time and cost.  Plenty of time to get that iconic family portrait you really, really want.

Location: To be more efficient, we have chosen the location for you on a mini session.  We know Colorado Springs, and have some great little spots that show off our amazing landscapes.  It can be anywhere from my personal secret spot at Garden of the Gods or one of the most magnificent local parks.  Where ever it is, it’ll be gorgeous.

Cost:  Mini sessions are really inexpensive in the session fee which leaves loads of bread for those portraits on the wall that make you smile, laugh or both every time you see it.  Facebook posts just don’t have that same effect.

They’re great for first time portrait takers!  Not quite sure what to expect from a professional portrait session?  Mini sessions are a great way to try it out, so-to-speak and see for yourself.  It’s minimal cost and we’ve already scouted out the best location and time of day.

Interested in your own mini session?   We’re taking bookings for Saturdays in October; prime time for gorgeous light and loads of color.  Contact me for more information and to book your mini session!

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