Natural smiles in business headshots colorado springs


Natural smiles in business headshots;  is it possible?  It is certainly made much easier with a little helper!

NSI Partners, an amazing local marketing company sent their staff in to get headshots for their website recently.  When the owners, a husband and wife team came in, they had their little man in tow.  He was sitting about a foot away from them off to camera’s left.  Once I got the light set up and happy, little dude jumped in and “helped” show mom had to smile really big.  She was doing just fine on her own, but don’t you just believe his help gave us so many natural, laughing smiles!

When it was dad’s turn in front of the camera, he was a little stiff, as 99% of people are the moment the big eyed monster camera comes out and stares you down.  I asked little dude to come tickle dad and don’t you know;  the BEST natural smile!  Of course, I sat him down right next to dad and had him still tickling just right out of the camera’s frame and just look at that gorgeous natural smile!  Now, THAT’S a GREAT business headshot!

So keep this little story or another one of your own in mind next time you find yourself a bit intimidated in front of the camera at your next business headshot sitting.  Laughing makes the BEST natural smiles and of course, you want your potential clients to see your best self.  Don’t worry about being perfect;  it’s unattainable.  The faster you come to that conclusion, the faster you can relax.  Instead, to get the best natural smiles in your business headshots, focus on something funny.  Take a deep breath,  think of your little kiddos being goofy and adorable and let the laugh come!  It will reach all the way to your eyes!  Sure, your eyes may close a bit, but don’t worry;  the expression on your face says a million dollars!

Natural smiles in business headshots;  not so hard!

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