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Philip + Hannah | Colorado Fall Engagement Portraits



Philip and Hannah have known each other for years, but it wasn’t till a few months ago that the chemistry started sparking and these two really noticed each other.

I’ve known both their families for better part of a decade now, and am totally enjoying seeing these two in love!


Hannah, you are gorgeous beyond words.  You simply radiate.  blog-P+H-Engaged-6043

We spent the late morning in Monument Valley Park in the Old North End of Colorado Springs.   Even though fall’s beauty was mostly on the ground, I certainly didn’t notice it.  The sun filtering through the trees matched the joyful radiance these two exuded.

Philip, I have never seen you so utterly happy and joyful.  I love it!


Philip, the sentimental fool he is, made this gorgeous family heirloom Hannah’s.





Blog-P+H-Engaged-6058 blog-P+H-Engaged-6078




Here’s my favorite image of the day.  Words cannot express.    Makes me want to take a deep breath and smile.


So very much looking forward to celebrating your union with half of Colorado Springs!

Big hugs,


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