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Portrait tip #1: Connection, not Perfection


Focus on Connection, not Perfection
You know those photographs of people that make you take a double look and then smile?  The ones I’ve seen that get the most attention and “oh my goodness, this is an amazing photo of….” comments on Facebook are ones where the family is smiling and laughing, connecting with each other and (gasp!) not being perfect.
Gone are the days of Glamour Shots with their painful poses and you’re-taking-waaaaay-too-long smiles.  I love watching my family clients interact with each other and capturing that connection.  It’s the daddy’s girl, and the way you can tell she melts his heart and has him wrapped around her little finger.  The sweetness of a mother with a baby, kissing on him and snuggling close.
It’s the genuine, unconscious smiles that come when you’re taking a moment to connect with your family in front of the camera.  Mastercard ain’t got nuthin’ on this kind of priceless.
We may get eyes squeezed shut and mouths open in a heartfelt belly laugh.  You may have a bit of squishy face in a hug so tight it conveys all the love in a little boy’s heart.  You’ll also have a moment frozen in time of your family’s love.  The visual memory of his toothless, open-mouthed grin before he gets too cool to smile for the camera. And yes, the little girl in the princess dress singing “Let it go” until you wish you could, but fully believes she is a princess because her parents tell her she is.
Connection, not perfection;  that’s definitely the way to go.
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