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Product demonstration video production

Product demonstration video production with Marla Koupal, your Vitality Mentor@ www.vibrancy.biz

I see this woman from across the room.  It’s open networking and she has a group of ladies around her.  I don’t know what they’re talking about in particular, but I hear her laugh and it fills the room!  I just HAVE TO meet this woman!

Enter, Marla Koupal, an amazing, vibrant woman who has become a friend and inspiration.  Recently, she came to me with a desire to feature her latest in the vibrancy line with a product demonstration video production.  I was more than happy to help.  A product demonstration video is a great way to show the world exactly what is what.  They have questions; you have answers.  Viola!

We worked in studio to capture a video that introduced herself to the world and an overview of her products and services.  (You really should check that out!)  Also, we talked about the Biomat, and what a wonder it is as well as the Alkaline Water system.  (I’m a huge fan!)

Marla is a Healing Touch practitioner;  that most certainly needs a business video spotlight of its own.  Lastly, is the product demonstration video.  Love it!  You’ll have to see for yourself, try out the product and tell me what you think!







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