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Starting from seed

Tarah, my best friend and long time room-mate and I have an agreement.

She gardens.  I take photos of the gardening.  She feeds me tomatoes from said garden.  😀

Yesterday, Tarah started some of her gardening from seed.  Downstairs in a not-so-oft used room, there is the strangely odd blue glow of a grow light where she has set up her trays and warming mat.  There’s something about itty-bitty containers that intrigue me.  Add to it the lovely sound of tiny seeds rubbing up against the crisp paper and I just can’t keep my hands off!


I’m gonna have to wait a while to collect on my part of the bargain;  but believe me, I will collect!  Tarah’s cherry tomatoes fresh out of the greenhouse are sooooooo good!  The wonderful smell of tomato plants that brings me right back to happy memories watching my hippie mama garden as a kid.  That crisp pop as you break in to the taught skins,  the reward of the acidic juice and tang of tomato as it slides down and is shortly followed by another, and yet another!  AAAHAHHH!!!!  Anticipation!!

Well, for now, I’ll have to wait.  Deep breath, Chris.  Deep breath.

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