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Chris Gosnell

Photographer, Videographer, Owner

Story-telling portraits

Modern portrait sessions are worlds apart from the department store studio portraits we had as kids. Generic backgrounds and statuesque posing has given way to story-telling locations and activities, real moments and genuine smiles.

Your portraits should reflect who you are, as an individual, a couple, a family. Often, I will begin telling your story with an activity. Picture a family with young kids snuggling up on the couch. A walk in the neighborhood or board game night to lasso the family and get great smiles and fun interaction. The idea is to get you interacting as you normally would with hugs, smiles, laughter, etc.

The beautiful part as a photographer is to back up and watch things unfold between my subjects. I’m constantly moving in and out of the frame, getting more wide angle images that show what’s going on all around and moving in to capture a moment. I’ll take off with individuals and get some relaxed portraits. Frame them up in a fitting location with beautiful light and let them be themselves. I give enough direction to paint my clients in the best light, of course, but not so much that they become so camera aware that things become awkward and forced.

Soon enough, you’re comfortable with me, the camera and the portrait process that hesitations and weird/fake obligatory smiles are long gone. I like the session to feel like I’m a friend hanging out with you instead of the mandatory smile-and-hope-it’s-done-soon!

Colorado Springs family photo

So, what do you like to do on the weekends? If you were to plan the perfect day off, or long weekend, what would you do?

Did a certain idea come to mind that you’d like to incorporate into your portrait session? Let’s talk! Contact me to schedule your session and let’s plan some portraits that will definitely be something to talk about!

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