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Success in business by getting your voice heard in authentic video with Chris Gosnell


Great fun via #BeLive on Tuesday January 23rd at 1p MST with this amazing #VideoPhotoGuru. We will talked about success in business by getting your voice heard in authentic video and your professional brand ready with beautiful headshots! Watch our #BeLive Interview with Chris Gosnell with Chris Gosnell Photographer and Hollie Clere.


I had so much fun being interviewed by Hollie Clere!  She is a wonderful host, and I think we had some great topics.  Besides being your authentic self in business video, we talked a little about professional video production here in studio.  Video is so important in today’s social media saturated world; especially in business.  Video production can help you get your voice heard and allow your ideal client to hear from you, start to know you and educate themselves on what you do.  When it’s time to purchase your services or products, they’ll know exactly where to find you and know what they need because YOU educated them!

Are you interested in learning how to make video on your own for your business, using just your smartphone?  I’m working on a program of video lessons that will teach you not just the nuts and bolts (or tripod and microphones) of making video that looks great, but what to say, how to say it and ins and outs of posting, etc.

If all that sounds too much for you, I offer professional video production also.  Feel free to look around the website and see website video in studio and custom video.  Then, let’s talk about packages and what your needs would be for video production.  Do you want to start with one sixty second video intro?  How about three; one intro and two about your products and services?  More?  I have an eight 60 second video package with a planning session included that’ll give you video to content your website and social media pieces that’ll work for a calendar quarter.

Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch.  I look forward to helping you!


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