Why you would love making video with Chris!

I absolutely love working with Julie Miller Davis. She and I have been working together since the very beginning of her business, and we just keep having more and more fun together. This past month, Julie decided to take an online course she already had and upgrade to professional video. She was an absolutely rock […]

Product demonstration video production

Product demonstration video production with Marla Koupal, your Vitality Mentor@ www.vibrancy.biz I see this woman from across the room.  It’s open networking and she has a group of ladies around her.  I don’t know what they’re talking about in particular, but I hear her laugh and it fills the room!  I just HAVE TO meet […]

Tejae’s art studio website intro video production

Tejae’s art studio website intro video     I’m often asked about website intro video production, specifically ones where the entrepreneur doesn’t want to be the main part of the video production.  This kind of video asks for about 90% or more B roll film.  Video production for home studios like Tejae’s, it’s so nice […]

Meet Halsa Naturopathic Medicine!

https://vimeo.com/188458271   Ever wonder how naturopathic medicine works?  Meet Drs Karly Powell and Brita Mutti, of Halsa Naturopathic, and learn a bit more from this business video of how they work and what wonderful things that means for you and your health. Tired of conventional medicine and taking endless amount of pills?  Wonder what difference […]

Four reasons to put video on your business website

  Four great reasons to put video on your business website! In our over saturated marketing society, how does a business stand out of the crowd?  Putting video on your business website is one way.  When your potential client finds your website and you have some informational or introduction videos on your home page, they’ll […]

Business video intros: Marla with Vibrancy!

I have come to LOVE working with local Colorado Springs business owners to promote their passion, their skill, their businesses with intro and promo videos.  Below is one such lovely woman I’m proud to introduce you to;  Marla Koupal with Vibrancy!   (http://www.vibrancy.biz/practitioner.html) I had the pleasure of learning more about Marla and her work with […]

Emotional Intelligence, The Whole Person at Work System

Sonia Meeter is a wonderful woman and a brilliant business coach – my personal business coach!  Recently we started working together and my first work for her is this beautiful IFO (Irresistible Free Offer) video for her website.     I enjoy working with business owners, helping them plan out, direct, film and edit video […]