Tejae’s art studio website intro video production

Tejae’s art studio website intro video     I’m often asked about website intro video production, specifically ones where the entrepreneur doesn’t want to be the main part of the video production.  This kind of video asks for about 90% or more B roll film.  Video production for home studios like Tejae’s, it’s so nice […]

Product photography with Betsy Crow

I am blessed each day that I get to wake up and press the shutter to make a living.  Then, there are days, like today, when I get to spend time with Betsy Crow (www.elizabethwcrow.com) and photograph her stunning custom jewelry!!  Betsy is an artist at Cottonwood Center for the Arts; with a talent for […]

Business video intros: Marla with Vibrancy!

I have come to LOVE working with local Colorado Springs business owners to promote their passion, their skill, their businesses with intro and promo videos.  Below is one such lovely woman I’m proud to introduce you to;  Marla Koupal with Vibrancy!   (http://www.vibrancy.biz/practitioner.html) I had the pleasure of learning more about Marla and her work with […]