Make video for a year; what?!

One Year of Content in One Day! How would you like to complete an entire year’s worth of content in one day? That’s exactly what we did when Dr. Roz decided to arrive a day early for her business retreat in Colorado Springs.Dr. Roz concentrates her content on her Patreon page, Debt Free Degree with […]

Product demonstration video production

Product demonstration video production with Marla Koupal, your Vitality Mentor@ I see this woman from across the room.  It’s open networking and she has a group of ladies around her.  I don’t know what they’re talking about in particular, but I hear her laugh and it fills the room!  I just HAVE TO meet […]

Tejae’s art studio website intro video production

Tejae’s art studio website intro video     I’m often asked about website intro video production, specifically ones where the entrepreneur doesn’t want to be the main part of the video production.  This kind of video asks for about 90% or more B roll film.  Video production for home studios like Tejae’s, it’s so nice […]