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Chris Gosnell

Digital visibility expert

I started my business as a passion project to help other businesses find and love their identity!  This is why in addition to providing professional photoshoot and filming options, I also engage with clients online.  I strive to educate entrepreneurs and small businesses online on how to develop confident, professional video content that engages potential clients in memorable ways.  I’ve developedclasses and coaching to help steer professionals toward claiming and creating a consistent business identity that sets them apart from the competition.  After working with me, your business will never be just another face in the crowd!

Chris Gosnell

Always blonde or sometimes with pink hair, I’m sure to stand out in a crowd!  Though not natively born in Colorado, I hope to never leave this beautiful state.  I just love this place.  I live here with an amazing group of friends who have become extended family, like my BFFs, Tarah, Cara and Cherish.  I can’t forget to mention my spoiled, lovely, adorable dog Dora, who demands to be carried to bed when too sleepy to walk herself.  

Food is my love language coupled with my love to laugh and have tons of fun.  I truly believe that the secret to life is to love God and love people.  I am a total sci-fi nerd: Star Wars, Star Trek, Brown Coats and Sonic Screwdrivers are some of my favorites. You’ll often find me out in nature; endurance running, hiking or paddleboarding.  Come say hello!


Studio dog, Dora is a 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Shihtzu mix.  She is an avid rabbit chaser and keen mouser.  She’ll be happy to welcome you to the studio and keep you company while you’re getting headshots done and take pets and head scratches in between video takes. Her favorite treat is a toss-up between Pupperoni and chicken jerky.  (she thumbs her nose at milk bones, however.)  She keeps mommy company with her chocolate brown eyes during those long hours of editing and is often passed out snoring on her doggy bed, just waiting for the next doggy-lover client to come in the studio.



Taking professional photos and capturing quality video doesn’t need to take all day. All of my services only require you to take 45-60 minutes out of your day to complete. From there, the rest is done on the backend by me and my team. Don’t know of a location to film? My studio is the perfect place to drop in for a clean, quiet, and convenient video or photo session.


With my years of experience as a videographer and photographer, I use professional grade lighting set-up, audio capture devices, cameras, and editing software to guarantee a highly-produced, polished result that will wow your customers from start to finish.


With my streamlined process and in-house equipment, everything is done by me and my team. From set-up, editing, filming, we do it all! Since we have a dedicated team, there is no need to outsource work or  rent equipment or hire editors. This saves you cost without sacrificing quality.

Working with Chris

My main goal is to get you comfortable in front of the camera. Relaxing is hard with an audience watching and the last thing you want is for your pictures to be forced or your video to be awkward. Once you get comfortable in my studio, we will have tons of fun getting you the high-quality results you need to set your business apart from the competition! Your confidence will shine through in the end, creating a unique and lasting impression for future customers.


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Why wait? Create memorable, long lasting impressions with fun, dynamic, and polished photo and videos. Start differentiating your business today and schedule your session with Chris Gosnell Photography. Her comfortable studio located conveniently in downtown Colorado Springs is the perfect location to capture your success!