The Team

Hi, I’m Chris Gosnell. The one with always blonde, sometimes pink hair. I am not a native born Coloradan, but it’ll be pretty close to impossible to get me to leave now. I just love this place.

I live here with an amazing group of friends who have become my extended family. Let me introduce them.

First, since she’s in the picture with me is my dog, Dora. She is the most spoiled, loved on and played with pup around. She hates being picked up and carried, unless she’s sleepy and then her eyes beg you to carry her to bed.

Chris Gosnell & Dora

This other smiling face is Cara. We share an E.S.P./ grunt and point language that only the well seasoned and long time workers together have. She is so creative, I get inspired every time we pick up cameras together. Oh yeah, she’s my second shooter, and very much a BFF.Manitou ppl and pups-123

Below is Tarah. The bestest best friend a girl could ask for. We are complete opposites in so many ways, yet we mesh like velcro as friends. She’s my cheerleader and supporter. The one who would text me encouragement as I quit my cushy job to work two part time jobs while I went to art school. She cheered me on (and still does) every day with my photography business. Love that girl!

Manitou ppl and pups-116

Oh yeah, we’re Whovians. Big time. The whole lot of us. We’re even indoctrinating little nephew, pictured below acting out the most famous word heard by the Doctor on almost every episode….RUN!Manitou ppl and pups-108

So, that’s me. Well, a little bit of me, anyway.

I am an unashamed Christ-follower and love of people.

I absolutely, positively enjoy doing life with the people around me.

I love capturing the moments that make up the memories you think back on and smile.

It is an honor to be part of a family’s life for a day, photographing a wedding or taking portraits; making memories and producing images that will adorn your walls, iPhones and Facebook pages proudly.

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