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Three ways to reuse your ideas on social media

Hey there, Chris Gosnell, Digital Visibility. I want you to be seen, connect with your clients, and be able to serve them so well. Now, how can you do that with your social media? Because you can actually use your social media pieces in so many different ways. Here’s a couple of ways you can reuse one single idea.

One is have a blog post. So video blog like this, for instance, three to five minutes. It’s a good place to keep it. Use lots of keywords. Maybe even have a transcript that you can put in the description that gives a lot of words for the search engine crawlers, for that search engine optimization. So that’s one way.

Number two are social media posts. Now, whether that be a photo and you put a couple of words, some bullet points from your three-to-five minute piece. You could put a couple of words on there. Maybe make that in Canva. Have a nice fun photo of you. You could always go to Unsplash and get some royalty-free photos. You can always do this lovely stuff like that. But use a couple of bullet points from your three-to-five minute and make a point on social media.

And the third way to do it is an actual video social media post. Pick one topic, one idea, keep it to 60 to 90 seconds, very short, sweet, to the point.

Engage with your clients with some levity. Have fun. Show your personality because they’re doing business with you, right? You. Not somebody else. Not some boring little hmm. They want to do business with people.

Now, the more you have fun with all of this, the more that you’re actually going to get out of it in return. Because when your clients are seeing you, they’re understanding you, they’re hearing from you about your services, what problems you solve and how your products and services solve their issues, they’re going to recognize it when they hear it. When they come across problems that you can solve, they’re going to recognize that faster. They’re going to already have a lot of those questions answered because you’ve answered them. Like how much does certain things cost? And well, oh, if my drain backs up, I can get it snaked out like this, or I could do it myself, or I could call Bill’s Plumbing over here and have that done. Yes, wonderful things. And then they’re going to think already about you because you’re the expert and you’re the one who’s already started talking to them.

So make some posts, take one idea and break it up and reuse it multiple ways. Make a blog post with the transcript and lots of keywords. Make a social media post, maybe in Canva, using your own photos or get some photos from Unsplash. Or make a video post, but keep those things nice and small.

Have a great day.

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