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As a Colorado Springs videographer, Chris Gosnell Photography specializes in filming dynamic, personality-filled social media videos, sizzle reels, and presentations for local businesses wanting to improve their online presence. The different video editing services and filming options are sure to save time, stress, and provide quality results.  

Being in a video has never been so much fun! With professional lighting, camera angles, and quality audio (plus some additional encouragement), you will look stellar when we film. Whether you need to film at a specific location of your choice or at Chris’ studio, the result will be fantastic. It only takes about one hour of filming to gather enough clips to make a stunningly editing video showcasing your amazing business!

what's this all about?

Two camera angles, great lighting, professional audio.  All finished videos, edited and branded for you.  Make YouTube and website videos or social media reels.  It’s your choice what you do with your session.  

You’ll receive all finished videos ready to go!

what can I create?

What do you want to create?  Would you like to update your website with new video? Make YouTube content?  I’ve had clients make a handful of 10-15 minute curriculum pieces and others over 20 short social media reels.  

How, when, where and cost?

We can film in my Colorado Springs studio or your location.  

Depending on how many hours you’d like to film (curriculum would be a few hours, social media, maybe one, etc.)  price varies from $1497 to $997/hr.

Let’s talk more!  Please schedule a time to zoom and we’ll answer all your questions.

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