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As a Colorado Springs videographer, Chris Gosnell Photography specializes in filming dynamic, personality-filled social media videos, sizzle reels, and presentations for local businesses wanting to improve their online presence. The different video editing services and filming options are sure to save time, stress, and provide quality results.  


Being in a video has never been so much fun! With professional lighting, camera angles, and quality audio (plus some additional encouragement), you will look stellar when we film. Whether you need to film at a specific location of your choice or at Chris’ studio, the result will be fantastic. It only takes about one hour of filming to gather enough clips to make a stunningly editing video showcasing your amazing business!

Video allows your client to get to know you while being educated about your products and services.  Medium format, 3-5 minute videos is just the right amount of time to cover a single subject or idea without losing your viewer’s attention.  Awesome idea for YouTube channels and adding content to your website.

video content creation hour

Experience the ultimate creative freedom in our professional studio! Capture your business’s vision through captivating videos with our dedicated hour-long session. Whether you’re looking to create YouTube videos, reels, or short clips for various social media platforms, the possibilities are endless.

Gone are the days of paying per piece! With our service, you can create as many videos as you desire during your hour-long session. Once you’re done, you’ll receive the polished, ready-to-post pieces for YouTube, social media, or any platform of your choice.

Our studio boasts two high-quality cameras, allowing you to capture both wide and close angles effortlessly. Additionally, we provide top-notch audio and lighting equipment to ensure impeccable production quality. Rest assured, your completed pieces will be delivered to you within a prompt timeframe of ten business days in most cases.

From $997

Book a 30 minute discovery session to plan your video!

Video created in studio

Do you feel that your social media is lacking energy or engagement is low? Standing out in the online crowd is hard, especially without a wow-factor. Everyone, businesses included, are utilizing their cellphones for social media videos, and by choosing this professional video package you are choosing to distinguish your business from all the unprofessional noise. This session will include one to three, professionally edited, shot, lit, and audio checked 60 second clips filmed at Chris’ studio or a location of your choice.  

Starting at $350

Book a 30 minute discovery session to plan your video

Promo video
for your product, service or brand

Let’s create a vibrant, upbeat and engaging promo video for your product, service or brand.  

For your finished video under 90 seconds, we’ll plan together and create a beautiful film that will catch your ideal client’s eye.  Use on social media, YouTube, your website and email promotions.  

Starting at $750

Book a 30 minute discovery session to plan your video

Video editing

You have video; we have editing.  Together, we can produce some beautiful pieces!  Dust off your hard drives and pull out your workshops, presentations and live video.  Let’s give those new life as blog posts, YouTube content and social media pieces.

  • Editing available by the hour, as needed
  • For ongoing monthly work, membership pricing available
  • Got a big project? Get 10 hours at a time for best value!

Book a 30 minute discovery session to plan your videos

your new video production team member!

Do you have tons of video workshops, zoom recordings and events just sitting on your hard drive? Would you like to repurpose those videos for social media?

Would you like to make more video to update your YouTube channel, website and blogs?  How about reels weekly to increase your online visibility and work with the algorithm and trends.

Let’s make some eye-catching video promos for your next event, workshop or class.  There is so much available to you to repurpose your past video and create new pieces also.  

Now you have the option to bring video production to your team!  Take a look at our options for monthly retainers and let’s talk about your desires for video in your business.  We’ll customize a plan that fits you, your needs and your business.  


let's talk!

I bet you have a ton of questions!  I’d love to hear them.  Click the book your appointment button to book your 30 minute discovery call via zoom.  

I’ll send you a quick email questionnaire to help streamline our conversation and make you do the happy dance!

Speaker Videography

Speaker Sizzle Reel

Do you feel that your presentation needs more than just one long clip of you presenting? Maybe you have some photos from a previous event that highlight some of your favorite professional achievements. Or perhaps you want to highlight testimonials from satisfied customers to entice new clients. If you feel that you would like some more customization options for your video capture and presentation option, this is the add-on package for you! It includes:

• Clips you have from previous events

• Clips from events I’ve filmed

• Photos

• Testimonials whether in text or video format

• Up to half an hour in Chris’ studio to capture additional footage

• Your businesses’ logo animation at the beginning and end of the film

Speaker Videography

Video Portfolio

wANT TO get headshots FOR YOU or your team?

1 Look headshots

2 Look headshots

Group & Team Headshots


Showcase your business with affordable, high-quality videos and stand-out from your competition. Book a session with Chris Gosnell Photography to get started on all your videography needs and work with the best videographer in Colorado Springs.

  • Are your social media posts irratic because you just don’t know what to say?
  • You want to have more engagement with your audience on social media but don’t have the time
  • Are you frustrated with the creating and posting process?
  • Would you like to be seen  by your ideal audience and encourage interaction?
  • Want to stay top of mind when it comes time for your clients to buy?