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Chris Gosnell

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Business Coaching Website Videos

Business coaching website videos.  How do you, as a business coach, explain certain things without giving away the farm?  With short videos, of course, that whet the appetite and get your potential clients wanting to click for more.

More could be more videos, more information or more of whatever it is they saw first.  Something you said through your website video made them connect with you personally or your message and want to hear more of that.  Show them!



When you’re using business coaching website videos on your social media, it not only gets people engaged with you but involved in your message.  Your potential clients get to meet you, hear your voice, see your mannerisms and hopefully, connect with you on a personal level.  This is a huge thing for business coaches.  Having a personal connection to your potential business coach is a decisive factor, to be sure.  Being yourself and presenting valuable ideas on your website video is a low-cost, high-yield way to start making that connection.

I love how Arlene Moss of Kimberlite Coaching seems to reach out through her business coaching website videos and give those introverts a big, uncomfortable hug and lets them be themselves.  Being an extrovert myself, I was in awe of her ability to identify with and comfort those introverts in her field and help them get some good coaching to better do their business networking.

You, lovely business coach, who is thinking of doing your own business coaching website videos, take a few notes.  Be yourself.  Let your light shine.  Fly your flag.  Every moment you are being your unique self, you are either attracting your ideal client or repelling those who are not.  So, next time you find yourself in front of the camera to make some business coaching website videos, remember to take a deep breath and just be you.


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