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When is it time to hire a professional videographer?

Do You Need a Pro Videographer? 

Are you wondering when to DIY for your video production and when to hire a pro? You are not alone.

We all know it can be tricky deciding whether you should take on video production or hire it out. Let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work! But the truth is, if you’re not enjoying the process, you’re likely to procrastinate, and that’s bad news for your business. Plus, some things require a pro to get the results you’re after. Truly.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you figure out when it makes sense to call in the big guns. After all, moving your business forward is too important to leave to chance! 

The World Needs Video Content

Since 2020, the world has increased its video demand due to increased video conferencing and new short-form video platforms. This did one significant thing for the video production world;  it lowered barriers to entry.  DIY video made on your computer, tablet, or phone used to be looked down upon; however, now it’s commonplace. Which raises the question: When it’s easy to make your own video content, is there still a need for professional video?

Increased Video Content Requirements

With video being so prolific, it supports the basic principle that people like to see, speak and hear others. It also applies to how we choose who we do business with. 

In his book, The Go-Giver, Bob Burg states: 

“All things being equal, people will do business with and 

refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.”

Creating a community is more challenging if your website still has loads of words, a few photos, and barely any video. A fabulous way to build on the know, like, and trust factor in the anonymous online world is through video! 

Okay, so you need video.  Who has the time?  Where do you even start?  

Perhaps you’ve made some video on your own;  Congratulations!!  You’re ahead of the game!

Editing Video Content

Editing is where I find folks get stuck the most! People can’t stand looking at and hearing themselves. (Do I really look like that?) And the mind monkeys start slinging their poo. They want to “clean it up a bit.” Before you know it, many hours have been spent editing minor details, and you’re still not finished with the most significant pieces.   

All this time spent making, editing, and perhaps abandoning your video efforts can be discouraging. Not only that, but it’s time you could be working in your genius zone, serving your clients, and moving your business forward.  

Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

Are You Ready to Call a Professional Videographer?

1. Are you overwhelmed?  

If the video-making process is freaking you out and ruining your day… It’s time to talk to a pro.  You have better things to be doing, people to serve, and awesomeness to distribute.

2. What is your time worth? 

What if I could give you back three hours a week? No more failed video attempts, no more frustrating editing, and no more messed up sound. What could you be doing instead? 

How much better would you feel if you weren’t spending multiple hours on a frustrating task?  

What would you accomplish without that negativity in your business week? 

We call this the time value of money. When you focus on the things only you can do in your business and outsource the things that frustrate you or you’re not great at, your business moves forward faster and more efficiently.

3. How many additional ideal clients would you reach?

Excellent video content on your website helps convert ideal clients. Turmoil free! Think about the nasty clients that disqualify themselves because they realize they don’t vibe with you BEFORE they contact you. Conversely, you’re ideal clients reach out to you and are warm leads. How many additional clients do you think you’d reach?

What if we created that curriculum you’ve been talking about and got it online?  How many steps would that move your business forward? 

Professional video helps you convert and reach clients by connecting with your ideal clients with less work increasing your reach and service. 

Bonus – Are you ready to decrease stress and increase satisfaction?

What would you give to rid yourself of that black cloud of nasty editing procrastination hanging over your head?  How satisfying would it feel to have professional video with great audio, lighting, and direction on your website, YouTube, and other social media?  

With fantastic video, you’re able to educate your prospects about your products and services. Professional video helps ensure prospects move through the sales cycle with ease. Why? Because all the technical aspects are also handled with ease. Would you find that gratifying? Satisfying? Would it bring you peace? 

And we haven’t even discussed the benefits of using a professional’s equipment, lighting, sound, or software.

What’s Your Video Worth?

Basically, it comes down to a few key thoughts: 

  • Is it worth your time to make video for your business? 
  • Would your business be better served by freeing up your time?

Just because you can do something in your business doesn’t mean you should. If you know your time would be better spent doing something, anything else, including spending time with your family… It’s time to hire a professional. 

Are you ready to hire a pro?  Let’s talk!!  Give me a call or schedule a time to talk using the contact me link.  

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